Friday, February 20, 2015

Tripping Over My Shoes Ep 4: Cleaning, Procrastination, and Coffee

Guess what weather will greet us the rest of the week? Not this morning in particular; there's actually a load of sun making its way into my retina as I try and type this. 
I'm currently procrastinating on some work that needs to be done around the apartment. What a better way to procrastinate than by updating my blog on life and the hippy-haps of it? Yes. I seriously just wrote hippy-haps. I'm blaming my coffee. >_>
While I do this, enjoy pictures I took right after the movers dropped off our boxes a month and a half ago!
Is that a bedroom? Yes!
The best thing about having really curly hair is that I can cut it myself without worrying too much about how even it looks. Either way it's going to be a curly mess, with some strands being shirly temple curly and others being straight... Seriously, my hair does things I don't even understand, and I can only partially influence how it'll look on a day to day basis. One thing that did ruin it was about two years of dying it. I went red right after graduating high school and then experimented with various shades of red and one time even went blonde. One afternoon I was going through old pictures and realized how my hair had lost its curl. Of course, that could have just been from getting older, but I decided to let my natural hair grow back out and see if that was the culprit. While I loved having a different hair color, I felt it wasn't worth the loss of my curls. Whaaaat? Someone with curly hair that actually likes it? Yep.
Anyways, it's been almost two years since I last dyed my hair and the last remnants of bleached hair are still growing out. I know it's looked ridiculous as the natural color started making its way out, but I didn't want to continue to dye my hair just to keep it even. Vicious cycles and all, ya know?
Our living room... and hubby :)
Job hunting is an absolute nightmare when employers aren't looking for someone that can only commit three months. All of our resources on post have been tapped, so we're stuck looking at regular 'civilian' options. I don't need to have a job. Michael's job pays all of our bills and leaves us with play room. However, I'm going rather stir crazy here. Also, we grew comfortable with having a lot more money to play around with. We're not close on money by any means, but the first month was weird for us to adjust to.
Another thing is we want to build up more of our savings so we can relax a bit whenever we move out of country. From what we've been told, it'll take a lot more money than the Army will help us with, and it'll be a long time before I can get a job.
I'm not even looking for management like my last job. I really just want a job. Put me in the kitchen of a restaurant and I guarantee you I'll be right at home, even if I'm surrounded by a bunch of guys. Pay me minimum wage, I don't care. Just don't you dare schedule me 2 or 3 hour shifts and spread them out over 7 days so that I don't have any days off! Give me 8-15 (what? I'm crazy when it comes to work) hour shifts so I can haz moar days off!
The dining area.
So far today I've showered. That's more productive than I was yesterday. I worked out two days ago with Michael and further messed up my feet. Since virtually all workouts require footwork, I'm kind of out of the running for a while and it's driving me crazy. I have weights right next to my chair and every so often I get on the floor and do abs and any other exercises I can that don't make my feet angry. One thing I refuse to do, however, is change out of my PJs :)
Michael wants to go thrifting when he gets home this afternoon, so I'll just change then.
I'm really loving my coffee lately. It helps me wake up when Michael does so I can fall asleep when he does. A lot of my sleeping issues have gone away in the past two weeks. I still have nights where I can't get to sleep no matter how tired I feel, but I've managed to stay asleep most nights when I do fall asleep. I was worried for a while that I might have to go to a doctor and see if I have some form of insomnia. I probably do, and have had it for several years, but until it truly affects my ability to function as a normal human being I refuse to get help about it. That's how I always do it... though that plan has backfired on me before :)
I've been doing a good job of almost always melting stuff! At the rate I'm going I'll still have an unbelievable amount of wax by the time we move! It doesn't help that I still see all of the sales going on and the destashes... I'm a sucker for destashes. You still get high quality product (depending on the contents/vendors) but you get a greatly reduced price! Also, what a great way to try out new vendors!! Anyways, I've been very very good and haven't bought anything. I'm still keeping an eye out on the Cult Nails final liquidation opening or whatever they want to call it. At this point I suspect they're either putting it on the back burner since they were able to pay off all accounts the business had pending, or they're just not going to do it.
Aaaand this is the end of anything that you guys would even comprehend if I wrote about it. I'm still contemplating writing about Ultima Online, but I already have a separate UO blog... hmmm.... decisions....


  1. You have a UO blog????? Point me to it, girlie!!! I've been wanting to play again. It's our internet that keeps me from diving back in. We all jumped back into playing Warcraft back in November when the new expansion came out. That was fun but we've all phased out of it again. UO just keeps calling to me though. Especially now with watching all the witchy magic stuff in Sleepy Hollow. I told hubby last night it was making me want to play ChiChi (my mage, my original character) again.


      Right now it's a bunch of house building and decorating stuff since that's all I really did when I started up the blog. Now that I'm doing quite a bit more I'm probably going to end up posting more about it. I have all sorts of screenshots from my UO adventures so it's not hard for me to find stuff to write about LOL.
      My first char was a tamer/mage. I'll make other chars for my own convenience, like a mule, but my main is always a tamer/mage. Sometimes I'll be a bard tamer, but I don't like the skills I have to sacrifice to do that. I'd like to keep my dragon alive, for one. :)

    2. Back in the day, hubby had a bard and his friend had a tamer/mage (I think?) and they were rather indestructible. I started with a mage but found the mule work was what I loved most so I gladly took on all the mining, smithing, alchemy, inscription, etc. And I loved playing around with our houses!

      Going to check your blog now!


  2. Oh, and these posts make me want to go ahead and get my 'Nattering' posts going again, which I always say I'm going to do but then never do........ *sigh*


    1. Do it!! I love reading your nattering posts! Whenever I try to think of a title for my stuff, I always find myself putting 'nattering' in the initial title, and I think of you :)

  3. The boxes! Are y'all gonna unpack or leave them since another possible nice is impending? Great job on keeping the wax urges under thumb and melting. It feels good to enjoy what you bought and being content with stash size. Good luck in the job front! I hope something comes your way soon.

    Curly hair is pretty great. I used to straighten mine years ago but started using the curly girl method and now it is all curly all the time. I still highlight now and then but try to stay away from full on dye. My curls are crazy too. Corkscrew underneath, wavy on top.

    1. We've already unpacked everything. I figure we'll be here long enough to unpack, and that way we were able to toss things as we unpacked.
      Seriously, all those pictures online of 'natural' curls are a lie! There's no way they're all going to be curly, or curled at the same size, or at the same length, with the same bounciness! You lie, internet!