Monday, March 2, 2015

Music Shuffle Tag!

I've been rather MIA lately as my Mom's been an hour away for work. Naturally, Michael and I basically packed up for a weekend and spent that time over there to bug her endlessly :) The picture is not related to this... this is more 8-and-a-half years ago. I just wanted a picture for this blog post :)
I'm glad Mom took a picture of me on this day, Barbie or Ken day. I remember saying "eff that, I'm gonna be nontraditional and wear my mom's old old old Army Uniform!" Yup. Rebel me. Others used it to wear.... uh... interesting choices of attire. I used it to be an Army dork :)
Anyways, the rules here are to put your music provider (iPod, Zune, Pandora, whatever you use) on shuffle and answer whatever question you're on with the next song that comes up.

How am I feeling today?
The Reluctant Heroes - Attack on Titan OST. Oh my, I was hoping all the nerdy OSTs I have wouldn't make their way onto here... Then I realized that video game/anime/movie songs make up 75% of the music I listen to. In any case, this fits me any day!

Will I get far in life?
Part of Me - Katy Perry DJ Dark Intensity Remix. Okay, I'll take it. If you extrapolate the meaning of this, it's a 'ain't nobody gonna hold me down cuz I'm too busy gettin' far in life' type of thing LOL

How do my friends see me?
 Devourer - A Plea For Purging Oh sweet goodness gracious... the title alone makes me go "NOOO!" I don't even listen to this particular band. Michael likes them.

Where will we vacation next year?
 Party Pixel - Henry Homesweet. I'm not quite sure what this is trying to tell me. I party too hard, obviously.

What is my theme song?
 LMAO... Goodness gracious I'm a sad story. It's Gimme Some Sim from The Sims 2 Pets Expansion pack OST. I can't say it's wrong though :)

What is the story of my life?
 The Sound of Truth - As I Lay Dying. I be speaking all the truths up in heyah! Weird speaking aside, I guess maybe I'm too truthful? I know I've hurt more than one person with being blunt. I'm sorry, I don't care for people playing games. If you want something, tell me. Don't beat around the bush! Yet another song that Michael likes.

What was high school like?
Deb will enjoy this one. I got Britain Positive from the Ultima Online soundtrack. It's quite a lovely track. As for its truthfulness, well I did play UO in high school, and I played it a lot, so I'll take it :)

How can I get ahead in life?
Pictures of You - The Last Goodnight. That's... of who? Pictures of who? I don't quite think I want to use pictures of somebody to get ahead in life LOL

What is the best thing about me?
 Silhouettes - Swimming With Dolphins. I finally got a dud with an answer. Nonetheless, I enjoy this song.

How is today going to be?
 Departed - As I Lay Dying. Oh, no. That's depressing LOL

What's in store this weekend?
 Crazy Loop - Dan Balan. If I were honest the first thing that came up was an hour long remix by DJ Johnny Blaze, but that has a variety of songs and I don't think it's quite fair for this tag. This one... well, apparently I'm going to party too hard this weekend.

What song describes my parents?
 California Gurls Know How to Party - Katy Perry DJ Dark Intensity Remix. Um... Well, how do I put this lightly? Wrong. Unless you count before I was born. In which case, very plausible from the little bits they've told me about their before-children lives.

What song describes my sister?

What song describes my brother?
 Extra Simple - The Sims 2 Open For Business Sountrack. Oh my... the title is sooo cruel. Why was this so cruel to my siblings?!

How is my life going?
 Arrival - Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack. Oh. What am I arriving for? Where am I going? *insert all sorts of philosophical questions about the meaning of this here*

What will they play at my funeral?
 First Fall of Life - Combatdave . Oh my.

How does the world see me?
 Illusions - As I Lay Dying. HOW CAN THE WORLD SEE ME IF THEIR EYES AREN'T REAL? Sorry, too far? I apologize, Jaden Smith.
Will I have a happy life?
Witch Doctor - The Cartoons. LMAO I don't know how to take this. But the song itself makes me laugh my absolute butt off, so I'm going to assume I'll have a very happy life.

What should I do with my life?
Tonight - Breakbeat Heartbeat. I'll take it!

What is some good advice for me?
 It Doesn't Matter - Alison Krauss. Oh my. This song really hits some emotional chords I've refused to touch for eight years. The song itself is very very depressing, especially when I remember that I would play it at night alongside other songs while I cried to myself wondering why I was so broken and unhappy when I had no reason to be. Depressing, yes, but I find that talking about my past openly is part of moving on. If you look at the title only, though, it's very very good advice. I care entirely too much about what others think about me.

 How will I be remembered?
 Simply Hot - The Sims 2 Open For Business Soundtrack. LOL! OH MY GOODNESS. I'm sitting here switching between gigglesnorting and full out laughing as I type this.

What do I think my theme song is?
Everything - Lifehouse. I have to say a lot about this song. I first heard it while watching one of those church skits in high school. My best friend at the time had brought me along to church. I'm going to say now that I am not a religious person. I've tried it and I've looked into all religions, especially when I was dealing with my depression as a young teen. Nothing really sat right with me, and I've since then accepted that maybe it's not for me. That being said, this song and the skit I saw that night was powerful. Even now I love the message it sends.
Quite simply, I love it.

What does everyone else think my theme song is?
 Rainbow Veins - Owl City. I'll take it. It's a very upbeat song, to me at least LOL

Jeez. This ended up being more emotional than I meant for it to be! Oh well. I still got so many laughs from this my sides hurt.
I can't of anyone who hasn't already done this or been tagged to do it (Psst, Deb, you gotta hop on it! :P) so if you're reading this and haven't done it but want to do it consider yourself tagged!


  1. Yours was waaaayyyy fun!! Just the titles alone were great. Alison Krauss' voice is so beautiful. Crazy how impacting music is on emotions. Going to watch your video when I get home.

  2. By the way, LOVE the pic! You are so cute in your fatigues. :-D not even sure that us the correct term lol!

    1. I couldn't tell you what they're called either. I know Mom wore these while she was deployed in Desert Storm and that's about it lol!
      It's funny how you can skew a phrase to fit your needs at the time. The good thing about this tag is the reader doesn't have to know the contents of the song to get that a title fits a question perfectly :) Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with this. I listen to such random music!

  3. I cheered when I got to the UO song! I absolutely love some a lot of the music in that game. Which reminds me, do they still have those music boxes or whatever they were called? Where you could gather all the different tunes? How did we get or make those? I want one again.

    I will get on this tag eventually. My songs will all be boring and mainstream.


    1. I believe it was called Dawn's Music Box? Something like that? It's a reward from the Heritage Token, but you can get it and various gears from vendors for relatively cheap. You got the music gears by killing a bunch of random creatures, mainly the guys from the Blackthorn's Damnation scenarios.

      I was worried while making this that my songs weren't mainstream enough and nobody would know what I was talking about!

  4. LOVE the What is the story of my life? The Sound of Truth - As I Lay Dying. Such a cool and unexpected answer. I love your answers! The one about your parents is hilarious.