Monday, March 2, 2015

Tripping Over My Shoes Ep. 6: Commitment!

Like my 'playing' position? My mom took this picture five or six years ago while I was in high school, and I still will get in that position while playing some games. I'm a weirdo :)
While working on some waxy posts I noticed that last month I had made 23 posts. Holy cow! I have barely missed a day for putting up content! Not just filler content, but actual posts about nail polish or a review on something I melted or a TOMS post where I jibber jabber about my life. This makes me very happy.
I've always had issues with committing to hobbies or general lifestyle changes. Eating healthy is something I say I do but if given the choice or opportunity I reach for that unhealthy cookie over fruit any day. I do eat turkey bacon or ground turkey instead of ground beef, and I make sure there are veggies with most of my meals, but my snacking is what kills me. Working out was another thing. I'd reach a point where I would dislike how my body was and commit to working out for one month, maybe two tops, before I'd fall out of the habit and just accept that my body was never going to get better.
Blogging was another thing. I love blogging, and always have, but I could never commit to a single blog or topic or what have you. Even two years ago when I was in my first real 'groove' I barely posted. Scattered across the internet are various blogs I would start up and make one or two posts on before forgetting all about it.
This post is a homage to the commitment I've made to a lot of things in my life. In taking this time before I get another job to heal myself and just enjoy life, I've found that I have a lot more passion that I'd ever realized for the things that make me happy. Working out is one of those, now that I've gotten to a point where I'm seeing and feeling differences in my body. I remember what it's like to get that adrenaline high again. I start craving that workout, even if I know I'm going to suck at it. I love feeling like I'm doing something with myself as opposed to sitting around all day. It's glorious!
Another is being creative, and that's expressed itself in a lot of ways. I'm enjoying building and decorating houses in a variety of video games, as well as creating jewelry or making soap from scratch. Blogging is another one of those creative outlets. I have a lot of thoughts in my head and blogging about a few of those thoughts has helped, obviously. Just look at how many posts I made!
Now I shall leave this post off with another angle of my 'playing' position.
Yes, that is Ultima Online on the screen. Buahahaah!!

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  1. Congrats on sticking to it!! I am a sufferer of starting then stopping things too. Mainly diet and exercise. But you seem to be on a roll and once those urges to keep it up kick in, it makes it that much easier to continue! So excited for you!!