Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tripping Over My Shoes Ep 7: Lessons in Alcohol

We had two separate tents for the two couples... to separate. LMAO
 Warning: Alcohol contents very high in this post. Think at least 35%, 70 proof. If that's not your cup of tea, I apologize, we will resume my usually-smart decision making shortly.
Here's a picture of our camping setup from the Florida Keys. On the left you can see the wind barrier we'd put up the morning of our second day here. We had checked from two sources on the weather for the day and the wind was projected to be over 18 m/h for the rest of our stay here. So we spent three hours setting up the wind barrier, only for the wind to completely die off. Thank you, universe. The first night Michael and his friend, the guy who owns the Jeep we drove down here in, got really drunk. It was entertaining laying down in our tent and hearing them talk about making the four mile walk downtown to go bar hopping. While already drunk. Michael eventually said "I'm too drunk to do any sort of walking" and proceeded to talk his friend out of taking the trek by himself. They both turned in, and I got to enjoy Michael's drunken "whoa, I married a beauty!" speech he always has whenever he's drunk. It's quite endearing, especially since he doesn't usually like to let go for fear of getting violent. I don't know how many times I have to tell him that he just turns into a bigger, more loving teddy bear, if that's even possible.
Yummy breakfast Michael made our first morning.
In any case, I didn't drink. Over the past two months I've had several opportunities to drink. The last big one was while we had our LAN party. I ended up not partaking because I was the only female there, and while I wasn't worried about them doing anything, it just wasn't fun drinking unless I had somebody to drink with. Lo and behold, one of the guys' wives showed up and we had a lovely evening of playing Mario Kart on her 2DSseseseseses she'd brought over. I never got a chance to drink that night, but it was wonderful without the alcohol.
Last Thursday for whatever reason I decided to drink while cleaning. I've done this before, but never with liquor. I know myself and I'm a very habitual drinker in the sense that I always have something with me that I'm drinking. On a light day I'll have a glass of water and a mug of coffee at the computer with me. On normal days you'll have those items plus chocolate milk or some fruit juice or, rarely, a soda. I habitually reach for stuff and just drink. So when I'm doing something that takes most of my attention I know that if I'm going to have alcohol, I need something with a lower alcohol content. Think Mike's hard or Smirnoff Ice. Occasionally a Bud Lite straw-ber-ita or whatever they call it. From experience I know that I can't have harder alcohols unless I'm specifically aiming my attention at drinking, like at a party. I'm more aware of my body and its limits, and still make sure I drink enough water and have enough food in me to prevent any disaster.
For whatever reason last Thursday (maybe it was the fever I'm pretty sure I had brewing, further evidence that I am not an adult and need others to look after me) I thought it would be a good idea to drink straight up liquor. Follow me along my road of bad decisions. We had a handle of strawberry liquor in the freezer  that had been there since the LAN party. It was something I saw and wanted to try. I got out a typical party cup (you know, the red plastic cups) and PUT ICE IN IT. I filled the cup with ice because I wanted my ice cold liquor to stay cold. Already I've made a mistake because when I filled my cup, I had no idea how much I was actually drinking!
Our view. Oooo, pretty!
Over the course of two hours I refilled this cup three times. By the time I realized what I'd done, it was too late. As you can imagine, the rest of my night was very, very unpleasant.
The next day was spent laying in a chair in the living room with tons of non seasoned food and several movies. The only thing left from my bad decisions the day before had been a very sensitive stomach.
If it had been up to me, I wouldn't have let Michael know about that night. As it is, we kind of live together so it was very hard for him not to notice that I was spending my evening drowning myself in the shower. He got a laugh out of it and tried to have me eat some bread, but I was too far gone at that point.
I don't like others knowing when I've fucked up big time, and that's exactly what I did this night. The last time I messed up this bad was back when I first got into alcohol and didn't know my limits or how to gauge a good pace of drinking. That was almost two years ago.
After thinking about it, I decided I not only want to share and laugh about how stupid I was, but leave a permanent reminder to myself that this is why I don't do pretty much everything I did that night.

Since open fires weren't allowed, we cooked on this!
In other news, my body is completely, utterly sore. Yesterday I paired a particularly intense cardio workout with some major ab and back work and I am paying for it today. It's frustrating whenever I step on the scale because our scale tells me I'm gaining weight. It makes sense if I'm gaining muscle mass, but there's a demented part of my mind that's become overly obsessed with what the scale says. I've never obsessed over my weight before, instead concentrating on what I see in the mirror and how I feel. Two months ago, however, I found  that I'd reached an all time high in weight and I realized how awful my body felt. Thus the start in working out.
I'm slowly striking down that unhealthy part of my mind and instead of concentrating on the scale I've turned to tape measurements every week, and punching some of them into a body fat calculator once a month. These measurements tell me more than any scale ever could - that my goal of trimming down and toning up is working. I can especially see it in my abs . Yay for definition!
Anyways, if you actually read all this please join me in laughing and scolding myself for last week, and be happy for me working out! Yaaay!

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  1. Yay for working out! I need to get back to that habit. But not the same week as the time change. I don't do well at all with the time change.