Friday, April 24, 2015

Candles From The Keeping Room - Fairy Garden

Scent Description: Juicy apple bits and fully fragrant orange blossoms combined with tart cranberries, mulberries and blackberries. Joining in the fruity explosion is a juicy strawberry puree dancing on a base of sweet vanilla spun sugar.
Weight Melted: 1.0 oz
Cold Sniff: 3/5 There was a very 'green' note to whatever I was smelling. Almost too grassy for me to enjoy it. Not that I don't enjoy the smell of grass, but I wasn't a fan of this while mixed with a super sweet scent.
Warm Sniff: 4/5 Oh my, what a gloriously sweet scent. You can definitely smell each of the fruity notes, with an underlying sweet scent. I'm noticing that between Michael and I we are in a bit of a 'sweets' type mood. I feel like it's because we're currently denying ourselves this stuff. :)
Scent Strength: 2/3
Scent Throw: 5/5 I could even smell this in the middle of my shower, while using a strongly scented shampoo. It was very relaxing.
Melting Power: 4/5 18 hours. Am I being short? Oops.
Repurchase: YES! :D I loved it. I feel like Carol's made some amazing products, and I'm just constantly astounded by the performance I continue to get. Maybe I've spent too much of my time melting lesser vendors. :)
I would like to point out that out of every single 4 ounce bag I got, the only thing that was under 4 ounces was my Very Berry Twist, which weighed in at 3.9 oz. Everything else was well above the 4 ounces I paid for. This was one of the larger bags, weighing in at 5.7 ounces total. Oh my.


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    1. Your poor wish list is going to be so long by the time Carol opens again LOL!

    2. It is alarmingly long. O_o