Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lush - Bubblegum Lip Scrub

"Our sweetest confection exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating fair trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave those kissers enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the delicious excess) and then apply your favorite lip color for a flawless finish."

The first thing I noticed when opening this was how fine the sugar was.

They were much smaller than I expected, but that wasn't necessarily bad. The finer grit meant that this wouldn't be as harsh on my lips as other products.

This smells like the super bubble-gum like version of Snow Fairy that a lot of people pick up on. I've never picked up on that bubblegum note in my Snow Fairy products until now, so it was interesting to finally be able to smell that note that was so off putting to some people.

For me, a little goes a long way.

The amount on my finger is more than enough to get my top and bottom lip. I use this once, maybe twice a day, and I can see this lasting for well over a month.

I think that's where my positives end for this product. It's nice... It's just not groundbreaking.

The price is ridiculous for how small the pot is and the ingredients. The ingredients consist of: Castor sugar, jojoba oil, "Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone", Flavor, Cornstarch, and colorants.

If you're even remotely knowledgeable about these ingredients, you know that all (except for one) are easy to get and more importantly incredibly cheap. Even jojoba oil doesn't justify this price.

When looking into the ingredients I tried to do some research on this Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone so I could find out what purpose it served in this product.

The first things that come up are perfume uses. Uh, not sure why this is in a lip scrub that we're told we can ingest, but okay. A little more digging reveals that it's a known skin irritant and has been banned from use in fragrance products by the International Fragrance Association. Sounds pretty nasty, right? Unfortunately we don't know what exact amounts are used per pot. This is the 3rd listed ingredient on the Lush USA's website, though, which usually means out of the ingredients listed it's found in the 3rd highest quantity.

I won't pretend to preach about putting chemicals into/on your body. I'm part of the group of people that realize that all of those chemicals that are being phased out of nail polishes (read more here) are "dangerous" and still choose to use them. Quotes because unless you are ingesting these polishes in large quantities there is slim possibility of adverse side effects. A lot of 'bad chemicals' are found in products in quantities that are so small they're negligible to our everyday lives. That's the mentality I'm choosing here... except Lush encourages you to lick off this known irritant. On their ingredients list they claim that this is a safe synthetic, which is a blatant lie.

I know that Lush isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I've read posts, blogs, and websites to ensure that I'm educated about what I buy. I know that certain bath products cause thrush, and some of their 'ethical' practices are simply anything but. Something about this particular product has me extremely irked, though, and I felt that I had to share some of my findings.

I'm not making a call to action to stop buying from Lush or give up their products entirely. Just, please, do your research on what you're putting on/in your body. That goes for all products, not just this lip scrub.

To close out this long-winded review, I do not recommend this product, nor would I repurchase it. Even removing the Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone shenanigans from the equation, I do not feel that this product is worth the hefty price tag.


  1. Good thing I didn't care for it lol! I don't like the popcorn one either. To be fair though IFRA bans almost all ingredients known to cause allergens, even glorious ingredients like fig leaf and restricts tons like oakmoss, lemon oil, lime oil and bergamot. But that is a whole other can of worms. I love that you looked it up! I must admit I should pay ore attention to what I use on my body and in my body. Great review!

    1. Uck. Popcorn on my lips? Noooo thank you. I did see that the IFRA likes to ban ingredients at the slightest hint of problems, and considered touching on that but like you said, a whole other can of worms. I did think it was weird that Lush used a product that isn't intended for ingesting purposes, though.
      I watched one too many documentaries on Netflix a few weeks ago and it reinvigorated my mindless ingredient reading. I don't know if that documentary ultimately helped me or made me more paranoid...

    2. You know when I was younger I used to believe that information and education was always the best road to take. Ignorance was to be shunned. But as I became a mom and the million ways I was slowly killing my children bombarded me, I became disillusioned with the "facts" being thrown at me like so many grenades. The Cheetos I let my kid have for a snack, the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo I washed her hair with, the baby bottles she sucked from, the teething tablets I gave her while she was having a fit of pain that made her into a wild creature... All these things were bound to destroy her. And it would be my fault. So I chose to close my eyes and use my instincts. Or else lose my ever loving mind.

    3. Yes! That's how I feel right now. I'm trying to re-find that balance between awareness and madness. I'm sure having a child in tow and people giving advice/warnings left and right only adds to that. I'm glad you found a way to deal with it, though!