Sunday, August 5, 2018

Stop & Chat: Are You Getting Any Pets?

"So are you going to get any pets now?"
Hamsters, yes, as they've been in our (read: my) plans since we first settled into our house. July was finally the month where I felt that I could start getting ready to bring hamsters back into our lives.

It all started early one Sunday morning (think 5 AM early) when I decided "Hey, let's draw up a schematic for a possible hamster habode."

Drawing the schematic turned into me waking up Michael. "Hey, wanna go to Home Depot?"

Me waking up Michael turned into "Hey they're open... and all of this stuff is in stock..."

...which turned into loading into the car and going to Home Depot, loading up all of the stuff I needed, checking out, bringing it home, and putting it all together.

Make your own hamster home, they said. It will be cheaper they said. My total from Home Depot? $296. LOL

To be fair, I'm about 99.9% sure that buying a hamster/small rodent home that provides over 1,645 square inches of living space, is raised up off the ground, has high walls to prevent escape attempts and allow lots of variety in decorations, has a screen mesh lid with handles, has a lower shelf system that provides storage for your hamster goodies, and is on wheels would cost me much, much more than $300.

I knew I wanted dwarf hamsters going into this venture. If possible, I wanted a species that I hadn't had yet.

Enter these two cotton balls! Meet Skittle and Peanut. These are roborovski hamsters, also known as the smallest species of hamster and little energetic balls of terror.

Okay, not terror, but holy cow these guys have energy.

Skittle is very energetic and very incredibly anti-human right now. I've managed to get her to eat out of my hand only by providing her with the delicious homemade treats seen above, but she seems much more happy without human interaction. Only time will tell whether I can fully tame her.

Peanut is more friendly and curious about humans. I've had her crawling up my hand while adjusting/adding in decoration to their homes and she's happy to run to me and sit on my hand and eat food.

These hamsters are so. Freaking. Tiny. Especially after having Bunny and Hammy last. I can't help but make very high pitched squeals of happiness whenever I see them up and about.

As for dogs, Michael and I just aren't ready for a dog yet. A dog is a huge commitment and we worry we wouldn't have the time and energy to commit to a dog.

Give me belly rubs kthanx.
We certainly don't want to bring one into our house when we're still in the process of cleaning up and putting everything together.

Plus, what if Michael has to go away for work? That's a lot of pressure to put on me right now to care for the dog.


Hurray! I've been adopted today!!
So. We have a dog too now. LOL

Michael has been getting his dog fix by volunteering at the local animal shelters in his free time, and one Saturday he fell in love with a little white husky named Koda. He fell so much in love he even wanted me to meet her and asked me to seriously consider bringing a dog into our lives.

I tried to resist. What about dog hair? And clean up? And both of us are working. What if she's destructive? The day I met her, I went home thinking "no way." By the next evening, I was 'casually' mentioning to my mom that Michael really wanted this one super cute, super sweet dog from the local shelter. I was thinking about the logistics of caring for her properly in the Arizona heat, rules and restrictions on where she can go in the house, and what kind of food she would eat.

As you can see, it was an impossible battle to fight and I caved in quite fast. I tried to establish with Michael that I wanted her to be his dog and thus have most of the responsibilities fall to him. I would help, of course, but since he wanted her he would have to be the primary caretaker. I understood if work took him away I would become her primary caretaker, but I didn't want to fill that roll while he was home.

The day we brought her home, Michael found out he had to leave for a month for work. Starting the next day. Well then.

Since then, I've learned that Koda is an incredibly well behaved and easy to care for dog. The only issues I experienced were part of some very bad separation anxiety she has, which can be solved with a crate/kennel or letting her out in the back yard while I'm at work. The good news is me leaving for work won't be a big concern for a while, but that's a whole other stor.

Long story short, I have a lot more free time right now and a ton of stress has been removed from my life, opening up time and energy for blogging again. Yaaaay! Now to work on that Glitterati haul post I've been holding off on....


  1. Aww, your mini rodents are quite cute. And your new doggie! She looks like maybe a husky-lab mix...? Is she blind in that one eye?

    So you've answered the pet question. Now, will you be getting back into soap too? :)


    1. The only thing we know for sure is Husky. We're waiting until she fills out more (you can feel her spine D: poor girl) before we try and guess her breed.
      She's not blind, as far as we or any of the vets can tell. She just has one blue, one half blue/half brown eye!

      I AM getting back into soap! I made a batch of goats milk this weekend... it didn't exactly go all to plan, but I made it! LOL

    2. Half blue/half brown! I hadn't noticed that part of it. I thought it was just a wandering eye type thing. Do you know how old she is? (Or was that covered already? -scrolls back up-)

      Yay for soap! In one of my most recent funks I was really missing my soap days and considered hauling out my tools. Heh, I got over it. lol


  2. This is exciting news Liz, those tiny hamsters--I lurve them, as I'm sure you do. Peanut is an excellent name, as is Pickles, but that's off topic. I hope you are doing well, adjusting to the new digs and making a happy home with your new buddies. Dogs are the greatest friends ever, and you're living the dog life now. She's stunning.
    With a little more free time, I hope you get into reading again and reviewing, as well as melting and showing off other home projects. Bravo on the diy hammy containment system, it's amazing.
    I miss your posts and some of the chats we had wayyy back when, so when I tagged an old post with your name attached I thought I'd stop by:)

  3. Your new fur babies are all so adorable! That hamster home looks like a veritable mansion for those wee darlings. And I am so happy for you and Michael and your new pup. He looks so sweet and handsome. I can't believe Michael had to leave so quickly after adopting the dog. Oh man. Hope you are enjoying your new home and job still. <3