Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NOS And Why You Should Never Chug It

Before M came into my life four years ago, I had never had a single energy drink. I barely even had soda or chocolate milk; those drinks were considered a treat, only to be had whenever we went out as a family.
Thanks to M, I was introduced to Monster. It was love at first sip. I've never chugged Monster; I could only enjoy that lovely, sugary taste in sips. That didn't keep me from buying BFCs, though ;)
Anyway, I decided to try some grape NOS last Sunday. Being the reckless college student I now am, I took M up on his declaration that I should chug it. So... I did.
NOT a good idea. Not only could I not get to sleep until well after two in the morning (having chugged the drink around 9 that night), over the next two days I experienced the worst headache EVER. So THAT is what's known as a caffeine headache...
Yeah, I never want to experience that again.

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