Monday, January 7, 2013

Boring Textual Reviews 2

I had saved some of the tarts that I'd cut in half and thought I would take a picture of them before melting them, but I decided to just post my thoughts here and if, when I melt them, I find the need to add more to my initial thoughts, I'll make another post with picture(s) about the tart(s).

Shayz Scentz - Pink Flip Floppers
This was the first tart I ever melted and boy did I love it! I'm a sucker for sweeter scents, though I do like to mix it up. This had a light florally vanilla and coconut scent mixed with Pink Sugar. The throw was dangerously amazing. I had it melting in my boyfriend's dorm and he could smell it from the elevator when he came back from work. Technically, we aren't supposed to have candles going and warmers are on the edge, depending on the dorm building, your Community Adviser, and the official college employee assigned to your building (I forget the 'official' name for them). Anyways, half a scent shot melted strong for well over 9 hours. That's not even counting when I first melted it in my bedroom over Thanksgiving Break.

Shayz Scents - Flip Floppers
I picked up an almost lemony undertone in this one under the lavender and coconut. It enriched the smell, in my opinion. The throw is good. I popped in 1/4 of a scent shot and it still lasted well over six hours. The scent stayed confined to the dorm room, though, and that was exactly what I was looking for.

Bella's Candles and Tarts - Red Velvet Cake
This had a sweet, cakey smell on cold sniff. When I melted it I got a waxy-cakey smell. Throw wasn't too great; the scent never left my bathroom area (my room has a small bathroom area with sink and cabinets that has a door leading to the toilet/shower. For a time I melted my tarts here)

Dutch Candle Company - Vanilla Raspberry
The vanilla tones down the raspberry here for a sweet, berry scent. I actually liked this berry scent. The throw was dangerously amazing (see dangerously amazing explained from Pink Flip Floppers). The scent lasted for 10+ hours from a half tart and when I turned off the melter I decided to store the wax for future use since it had plenty of scent left.

Orchid Lake Candles - Baked Apple Bread
Sour apple combined with a pie crust scent. This scent was okay, but I probably wouldn't buy this on my own as I don't care too much for apple scents. In moderation it's fine, but that was the main attraction for this baby. This smelled strong for over 7 hours before I fell asleep (it was Christmas Eve that I melted this!) When I woke up the scent was lighter, but still consistent. They blended this scent very well so that it didn't lose different notes as the melting went on.

Skye's Soy Candles - Pear Vanilla Sorbetto
Disappointing, in one word. No scent throw. I had this going for 4 hours in the hopes that the throw would get better over time, but that wasn't the case. The scent was only there if I stuck my nose in the wax and when I could smell it it reminded me of Laffy Taffy. I can see why this one was in a destash.

Tiffany Candles - Gingerbread House
Started off promising. It was a cookie and light cinnamon scent. After about 45 minutes, there was an explosion of cinnamon and the cookie died out. I removed this from the warmer at an hour and a half, as my mom and I couldn't stand the super cinnamon smell.

Tiffany Candles - Lavender Vanilla
Oh. My. Goodness. I put this on right after the flubbed Gingerbread House and it was so soothing and sweet... I loved it. The vanilla sweetens the lavender and (for me) made this such a pleasant sleepytime scent. I had it going straight for 24 hours and the scent was still going strong when I finally decided I wanted to move to something else. The throw was awesome. It scented my parents' entire house. I'm glad my family generally likes lavender scents, otherwise I would have made myself take this off the melter early so I didn't impose that scent on them. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I definitely plan on buying this again (speaking of which, as I type this less than 30 minutes until the site opens!)


  1. Ohhh, I want to try Lavender Vanilla! Does it smell similar to BBW White Barn Lavender Vanilla?

  2. To me, Lavender Vanilla is simply that. Lavender mixed with Vanilla. the BBW version has something more, but I can't figure it out. Mind you, this is based off my memory of sniffing the candle in the store. I ended up not buying it because something smelled off to me.