Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boring Textual Reviews: Wax

A little over a month and a half ago I stumbled across the world of wax destashes. Because of that, I have a fairly decent stash now, although I can only give reviews of one vendor's actual ordering process (I'll get to that later) because I still have yet to order from any other vendors. The biggest reason for that was I'm be home from college and I would have overloaded myself even more if I had decided to buy anything more while home, as I have to fly back to my college town. Now some circumstances have changed (anything I leave here will be driven up to college by my parents as I'm moving into an apartment with my boyfriend and we will be in desperate need of furniture) but I just cleaned out my bank to pay down my college tuition and such. So, for now (with the exception of an order I should be getting tomorrow), I will have to make do with the destashed products I have. While I did write down my thoughts on everything I have melted so far, there were a few products I didn't think to take pictures of before I used it up, and I know how much some people, me included, hate picture-less posts. So I'm going to put them all here and try my very very hardest to include purdified pictures from now on.

 Dutch Candle Company - Autumn Forest This was a very spicy, leafy, autumn color. There was something in it that added an almost powdery smell that while helped mute the cinnamon, muted everything else as well. The scent stayed through for the 8 hours I melted it. Throw was awesome and filled the entire upstairs of my parent's house, as well as the front entry. My room's door overlooks the 1st floor entry, so it doesn't have to travel far to be smelled near the front door.
 Shayz Scentz - Pink Nog The obvious Pink Sugar and egg nog blend. When melted, I smelled mostly Pink Sugar with a slight, slight undertone of egg nog. After about 2 hours, all I could pick up on was the Pink Sugar. I kept this melting just because I like pink sugar. Throw was good, filled my room and most of the upstairs. After I turned the hot plate off, the scent lingered for a good while.  
Country Home Scents - Sweet Corn Pudding A sweet cookie scent. The scent itself is light, but it scented most of my parents house, which is impressive considering it was competing with the roast mom had going in her crock pot. The only downside is it smells like when I make my sugar cookies, so the family kept asking me if I was baking. This melted strong for a solid 7 hours.
 Tara's Candle Cottage - Raspberry Noel Cake This I was a pleasant raspberry-cakey smell. I don't usually like berry scents, but this blend was actually really nice. Throw was decent; scent stayed confined to my room. The scent didn't last that long. Maybe 3 hours. Then I poured out the wax.

Wow.. I really haven't melted that much hehe. In my defense I'm technically not supposed to have candles in the dorms, so I've done most of my melting in the past 3 weeks. Also, there are those first many melts that I couldn't imagine using whole in the melter, so I can still take pictures of those to add with reviews in another post. I have that issue with not using items because I don't want to 'waste' them? I know... illogical.

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