Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tara's Candle Cottage - Death By Vanilla

Look who got a new warmer! I actually have a warmer that has a little section for tart melts! Before I just had a hot plate from Bed Bath and Beyond and melted the tarts in small glass candle holders, which I'm thinking probably wasn't the best idea. Thus buying one from Michael's for $5. Plus this one is just so pretty! Who wants a plain ol' white one when you have this brownish-bronze shimmery ceramic one?? Nobody, of course!

Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Death by Vanilla is, as I'm sure you could guess, just an explosion of vanilla. Vanilla vanilla vanilla all up in this... ahem. I like it, as I'm a vanilla fan like almost everyone else out there. The scent throw is good. It filled my room and part of the stairs, which lead right to my door. It's been melting for a good 5 hours and doesn't smell like it's faded at all.

I started melting this shortly after the Broncos' loss to the Ravens, which I'm slightly (a lot) upset about. I really thought they had a chance this year! My dad and I believe there might've been something up with Peyton's arm, because he opted out of his normal 3rd down passes a lot more than before and his passes were short. Don't even get me started on the referees, Fox's decision to fall back on his defense as the only line of defense between a win and overtime (Peyton could have thrown for a 1st down!!!!), and whoever decided that the Broncos wouldn't even try to make a run down the field deserves a quick kick in the 'nads. Football is the only sport I've watched and/or played where you don't play until the clock hits 0. *mumbles some more*

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