Saturday, February 23, 2013

Candles From the Keeping Room - Cranberry Bundt

While cleaning, I decided to finally begin sorting my stash by vendor. For any vendor that I have enough of to fill a photo box (bought from Michaels) I stick them in the box. Everything else (or vendors I am uncertain I will order from outside of destashes) is going in a larger plastic drawer that I've been keeping my tarts in anyway. I just hadn't resorted everything since Lauren's destash came in, nor with my little haul from Front Porch.
I noticed that my Candles From the Keeping Room stash was fairly large, even though I've never ordered from them before. So I have 3 Vendor Boxes -JMae's Soaps & Candles, Front Porch, and Candles from the Keeping Room- with one vendor that I've never tried from!
Cranberry Bundt was a sweet tart to me. The cranberry ended up being a lot more sweet than I'd thought based off cold sniff, and I didn't really think I would like it.
Cold Sniff: 1/3 I don't know... all I could smell was the cranberry and somehow all berries smell weird to me on cold sniff. I've seen this with every 'berry' tart I've melted.
Warm Sniff: 2/3 This was very pleasant on warm sniff. The cranberry became very sweet and succulent. I'm afraid I don't know what the 'bundt' part was supposed to be, but this tart was nice nonetheless. M says he smelled something cinnamony like the Big Red gum in this one, but I didn't pick up on it.
Scent Strength: 1.5/3 It's a little more than a background scent, but it's not enough that I'm sniffing this all the time. This competed with some chicken alfredo I made and for the most part the chicken alfredo won.
Melting Power: 1/3 This lasted right at about 6 hours before I couldn't smell it anymore. I went asleep with it still on thinking my nose could have just gotten used to the scent, but after waking up and showering I still couldn't smell it. It's currently in the freezer so I can pop the disc out and put in something new.
Repurchase: Maybe. I'm still on the fence about it. If I'm looking at Candles From the Keeping Room I wouldn't make an order just for this scent. I'll probably pick it up in a 4 ounce just to give it another shot.


  1. I have a sample sitting here on my's time to get to melting, me thinks. :D

  2. You should totally do it! I want to see how this performs for you :)