Sunday, February 10, 2013

JMae's Soaps & Candles - Pink Peppermint

Just by looking at the scent description or even the name of the scent, I would never have pegged this as a scent I would like due to my dislike of peppermint. Why, you ask, do I dislike peppermint so? In 2nd grade I decided to eat an entire bag of peppermint flavored candy. Later that night, I developed a flu and proceeded to upchuck every time I moved. That stuff reeked of peppermint. Since then I've associated peppermint with puking and haven't liked the smell nor taste of peppermint candies.
Imagine my surprise when I get a soap that I love from Jamie only to find that it contains a scent that I should by all means avoid! I liked -no, loved- it so much in soap form I decided to risk it in wax form (taking into consideration that there would be differences between the soap and wax smell). Boy am I glad I did. This was a lighter scent, but the throw was awesome! It filled my entire house, though that shouldn't say much because I live in a rear house that's an efficiency unit (hey, don't you diss my home!). However, if it fills my house, I'm happy, and this certainly fits the bill. The two cubes I melted lasted well over 16 hours of solid melting, how cool is that??
Please note me not describing the scent besides awesome. I figure it's an easy enough scent to guess and it's really just an even 50-50 blend of both scents, which I'm impressed with considering there's Pink Sugar in here. Typically PS blends end up being PS with a hint of that other fragrance blended in (Exhibit A: Shayz Scentz' Pink Nog).
In any case, this is most definitely a repurchase!


  1. Haha it's funny how a childhood barfing experience can shape our scent preferences. Glad you found a peppermint scent that you like! I've never tried anything from this vendor, I'll have to put them on my "to try" list.

  2. Pink Peppermint!! <3
    Glad you found something that doesn't bring you back to a worser time, lol. :)