Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quick Wax Reviews

I cleaned the house yesterday, and it appears that during my cleaning I've misplaced my notecard that had all the notes for these tarts I melted. So, I'm going to have to ditch my new rating system for this post and these tarts. When (if) I melt them again, I'll do a proper review on them.
First off is JMae's Soaps & Candles' Black Raspberry Vanilla. This smells exactly like a sugar scrub I've loved using from an old YouTuber who has now left the world of videos for bigger and better things. This scent is a very background-y scent and pleasant, too! I think it filled my entire living room, but I don't remember exactly. I don't remember how long it lasted, either. *huff* This is why I never clean LOL.

Next is Tara's Candle Cottage's Raspberry Noel Cake. The Noel in this turned the raspberry into one of those almost fake raspberry scents, though not enough so that it was unpleasant. The cake was just a background note in all this to make up for a very delicious smelling cake. I had to bake a cake after melting this, it was so yummy! It filled most of the house and lasted overnight (about 14 hours) if I remember correctly.

 Then we have Crabby Candle Co's Vanilla Lavender. I was a bit underwhelmed by this one compared to Tiffany Candles' version. This filled my living room, and barely. The scent was pretty much the same as Tiffany's, but to me it was obvious who had better quality, at least for a hot plate warmer. This lasted maybe 4 hours before retreated to the area immediately surrounding the warmer. However, I should note that I only melted half the tart. It looked so big I was afraid of overwhelming the house with the scent. Maybe I should have put the entire tart in.

Finally, there's The Scented Princess' Fluffy Pink Candy. I like this one because it's an exact dupe of Lush's Candy Mountain bubble bar (which I've now run out of... *sob*). The best thing about this in tart form is it isn't chokingly sweet, which I've experienced issues with in the bubble bar form (how am I supposed to take a relaxing bath when I'm feeling suffocated by the scent!? It's so pretty, but something about it keeps me from being able to breathe until the scent has faded a bit!). This sucker we could smell while walking up to the house. Her tarts are HUGE. I've been contemplating an order for so long now!
Unfortunately, just yesterday Dawn closed down her website so she could catch up on orders. I guess my very first order from her will have to wait (all my TSP products have arrived in destashes).

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