Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wanted: Lauren from Lolo Loves Scents for Murder

WANTED: Lauren from Lolo Loves Scents for the Premeditated Murder of My Wallet

So... your lovely package arrived earlier today, as I so kindly told you via Facebook. After letting you know, I went through and made sure everything was alright. I paid particular interest to the Rosegirls chunks, knowing they are apparently amazing and well sought after by the wax world.
Upon cold sniff I was unimpressed. Why throw down so much money for these? They aren't even pretty like everyone claims! Just a rather uncreative two-tone swirl with some chunks. There was no pizzazz! What was up with all these claims?!
I tasked M with picking out something for me to melt when he got home from work. He picked Rosegirls' Strawberry Banana Bubblegum. I was surprised since off cold sniff this was just like a cheapo bubblegum I used to chew all the time in elementary. I didn't pick up on the strawberry at all. It smelled super waxy. He insisted I just do it (all the while making a "I do this because it's necessary to please her" face). So I threw it in the wax warmer and we left to pick up some food before his second shift of work.

An hour later, we come walking up the street to the house. We smell something sweet and pleasant. "I wonder what our neighbors are cooking," I mention nonchalantly to M as we get closer to the door. But something is wrong. The smell is getting stronger. It... it can't be coming from our house!! We've been out! I quickly unlock the door and step in. What is the sweet, strawberry-lemon-banana awesomeness I smell? My eyes fall on the warmer and my mouth gapes. You.
I turn on M and exclaim, "I knew this would happen!!!" and proceed to skulk away.

You see... when I got into nail art, I did not see the point in paying more than $1 or $2 for a single bottle of nail polish. To me all nail polishes were equal. Especially those glitter nail polishes. "I could make those myself!" I always exclaimed. I now know it's not as simple as that, but in my head so long as I had the separate glitters I could imitate the looks of those glittery polishes.
I was happy with my $1 and $2 dollar nail polishes until about 9 months into this newfound hobby, when M bought me some China Glaze for my birthday. That first polish, Stella, applied so smoothly, so evenly, I was instantly hooked. I now find myself willing to pay up to $5 or $6 a bottle, depending on the color, finish, and special properties of that bottle (magnetic, anyone? No? How about crackle? No? How about... GLOW IN THE DARK?!?!).

I appear to've run into the same situation here with wax. I did not order from Rosegirls because I did not feel their products could justify their prices. Now, unfortunately for my late wallet, I may find myself ordering next time they're open if the other wax chunks perform like this one did. This is all to blame on Lauren and her destash.

But seriously, thanks so much for this lovely destash! I'm loving everything!!!


  1. I haven't melted my Rosegirls yet! Glad to hear they're good.

  2. I am truly glad you're enjoying everything, just had to say this again. Thanks for buying it! :)