Saturday, March 30, 2013

JMae's Soaps & Candles - Pink Serendipity Warm Vanilla Sugar

Jeez, what a long post title name thingymajig! In my large February order (which I'm not going to post) I ordered some wax loaves and pies and gave Jamie free reign on the scent blends. This is one of those wax pies... and oh. My. Goodness. Love love love it.
Cold Sniff: 3/3 I almost can't pick up on the Serendipity, but I know it's there. This is one of those blends where almost no individual scent can be picked out, but without those individual scents the final product wouldn't be the same. Now that's good blending. I really really like how Jamie managed to make the vanilla sugar the main note here. You're competing with two very strong scents! Yet she did it!
Warm Sniff: 3/3 Love. I'm a sucker for sweeter scents, and this just tickled my sweet bone to no end.
Throw: 2/3 This filled the living room and most of the kitchen.
Melting Power: 2/3 The slice I took lasted about 9 hours. I wish I'd weighed the piece I cut off to give you an idea of the performance of the piece I cut. This was a small piece, though. About half the size of a standard scalloped tart.
Scent Strength: 1/3 This was a great background scent to clean the house and play video games to.
Repurchase: Yes! I can't wait to share with you some of the other blends Jamie whipped up for me.