Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Polish Storage - Summer 2012

This is how I stored my nail polish while I was home with my parents the summer of 2012. Now I have 2 popsicle stick shelves and a Melmer drawer set that holds most of my nail polish.


  1. That's a lot of nail polish! But among nail polish fans, is it a lot? hehe

    Wish I could get into it, but I can't wear it at work. *sigh* And I've gone so long in my old lady life without doing it that when I *DO* do it, it just feels weird and I usually remove it an hour later. LOL


  2. @Deb: Apparently I fail at remembering what comments I responded to >:(
    Among nail polish fans... well... they call it an obsession for a reason. I actually got rid of a lot of the 'lower end' nail polishes shortly after this picture, but I've ended up replacing them with even more polish (magnetic, holographic, generally awesome colors that look just slightly different from x color that I already have...). When I first started really doing nail designs I couldn't leave the house with them because I felt so uncomfortable and out of my normal zone of life. Nowadays I rock those glow-in-the-dark, traffic cone orange manis like there's no tomorrow!
    I was told I wasn't allowed to wear nail polish when I first began at my current job. After I realized that the managers and other employees weren't following the rule, I figured that maybe it was just a policy set forth by the manager that told me (who is no longer there) and have worn polish ever since.