Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthday Splurging: Destash from Lauren!

So as everyone knows by now, my birthday was on April 3rd. In the weeks (read: month >_>) leading up to my birthday I bought quite a few things with the thoughts of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SELF!!" So stay tuned over the next few days while I share with you all the lovely things I got (some of which I cannot truly share with you until much later... they haven't arrived yet D: ).
Lauren posted a destash in late March and I snatched it right up, just like I did her first destash (What's that? I'm crazy? I have a problem? Naaaaw, you crazy!). So here I am to share this with you guys as I epically failed at sharing the last destash I got from her! Don't kill me, please.
First off we have Rosegirls!! And I'm going to include cold sniff reviews... because I am silly and never write them down when I do my melted reviews on wax and more importantly just because I want to. HA!
Kaelyn's Banana Bubblegum: Fruity bubblegum! Banana-ey bubblegum! I like using exclamation points!!
Royal Sweet Potato Pie: I smell cinnamon here, and what I'm assuming is the pie part. It smells really good!
Creamy Baked Zucchini Bread: Okay... I'm unsure about this one LOL. On first sniff I smelled something I recognized as bread. Then I sniffed again... and I smelled this icky B.O smell that one of my classmates in elementary used to always have?? I'll have to cut a super tiny piece of this and melt it to see what it is I really smell.
Chocolate Desire: I smell an almost alcohol-y note here, but underneath it I think it's a white chocolate that I smell. Lauren I will hurt you if when I melt this it's that disgusting coco scent! YOU BETTER NOT BE YANKING MY CHAIN! Upon further reflection, I think that alcohol-y note is supposed to be vanilla. Either way, my hopes are suuuuper high on this one.
Ava's Country Cupboard - Fireplace: This smells like burning wood! Ohmaigawd! I've always loved that smell!! Ughhaslkfjaskldaj <--- nosegasm AND I believe M will love this as well! This could possibly be a win-win scent!!
Closet Full of Wax - Vanilla Buttercream Bear claws: I like this a lot better than the Bear Claws scent all by itself. The VB tones down those notes I found iffy in the Bear Claw. Win!!! 
Closet Full of Wax - Buttercream Crunch: I almost pick up on something cinnamony here, so I think one of the Christmas blend tarts may have been near this one. However, I'm seriously shoving this tart up my nose and I still smell it. So I am confuzzled.
Jack Be Nimble Candle Creations - Blackberry Crisp: This smells like one of those Hubba Bubba pieces of gum, though I can't remember the flavor. In any case, I want to chew this, even though a small part of my brain tells me that would be a bad idea. This is also a vendor I've never tried before, nor heard of before. I'm intrigued about this vendor now!
 Sniff My Tarts - Pumpkin Mallow Latte: I hate you, Lauren, with a very loving passion. This is an awesome coffee smell! I don't really pick up on the pumpkin but it's a very authentic latte coffee smell! I want moar :(
Ollie's Soaps - Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge: Before even reading the name I sniffed this and picked up on the Pink Sugar. I'm not quite sure I pick up on the vanilla or butter fudge in this, but that's still okay because I like pink sugar all by itself.
Streetman Candle Co. - Caribbean Breeze: Mmmm... tropical is really the only description I can come up with. I've never tried Streetman, as they closed before I could get in an order, but I'm looking forward to smelling this in action!
Lil' Kitchen Candles - 16 Candles: A generic candle smell, but not in a bad way. It's very pleasant to my nose.
Lil' Kitchen Candles - Circus: An almost fruity concoction. As a side note, how cute are these Hello Kitty/Easter Egg tarts?! I love them!
Lil' Kitchen Candles - Momma Can't Bake: All I can pick up is a cake scent. I should really look at the websites while typing up my thoughts so I know what I'm supposed to be smelling... oh well!
Lil' Kitchen Candles - Pink Sugared Bread:  I like this combination, but it's really hard to describe.
The Happy Little Bee - Caramel Cafe: Mmm... coffee. Mmmm... caramel. Me gusta. 
The Happy Little Bee - Unicorn Toots: *insert giggles about the name* This smells like an apple-y shampoo I used to have, but it's not a bad apple. I actually kind of like this one. We shall see if the apple remains this subtle while melting.
Tiffany Candles - Serendipity: Your typical serendipity scent. I like it!
Fruity Loops: Your typical fruit loops scent! Ah like it!
Ultimate Donut: Cinnamon gingerbread men is what I pick up on. This makes me want to put up a Christmas tree.
Sweet Dreams: This is Lavender mixed with... something. Or maybe it was just lavender. In any case I'm a lover of lavender scents so this will be well loved.
Crabby Candle Co. - Vanilla Lavender: I melted and liked this scent before, so I win again buahaha!
Lasting Scent Candles - Autumn Leaves: This smells exactly like outdoors and leaves and fall and awesomeness.
Victoria's Designer Creations - Serendipity Zucchini Bread Surprise: I wonder what the surprise is. I really smell the ZB here but I'm hoping the serendipity will cancel out that tortilla chip smell.
Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles - Strawberry Zucchini Cream Cake: I don't actually pick up too much on the zucchini here, so I like it!
Country Christmas: This smells very similar to Vintage Christmas by The Bathing Garden. Long story short, I really like it!
Haley's Heavenly Scents - Witches Brew: Mmmm... cinnamony? Sweet? Candy? I like it, and I've been wanting to try HHS for a very long time now.
The Scented Princess - Rosemary Mint: A typical rosemary type scent. I'm still trying to figure out what the mint part is. Eucalyptus? Spearmint? Both?
Cupcake Candles - Elf Games: Another Christmas scent with a hint of something possibly fruity. I don't want to open the bag until I melt this tart, as opening it requires that I break the label.
Pumpkin Macaroon: Pop tart melts?! Where can I get me some more of these!! This smells like a bready pumpkin pie, which I just so happen to love.
Front Porch - Cotton Candy: Your typical cotton candy scent. Yum!
Granny Smith Green Apple: M will love this one. Me, not so much. *sigh* the things we do for love XD
Family Christmas: This smells like an evergreen tree. I like nature-y scents like this so BAHAAHHA!
Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls: The cinnamon doesn't seem too overwhelming in this, and I can actually pick up on the pumpkin. I think I win here.
The Bathing Garden - Vintage Circus: It smells sweet and fruity to me! I really enjoy this off cold sniff.
Orange Chiffon Cake: Mmmm... This smells like a cake. And an orange. LOL what do you expect? I like this, though I'm worried that when I melt it the orange will overpower the cake part.
Scentsy - Pumpkin Marshmallow: Would you believe me if I told you this is my first Scentsy bar? Well it is. And oh my goodness is this heavy on the pumpkin. I don't even think I pick up on the marshmallow!
Can-Do-Candles - Vanilla Butter Fudge: Ablegh. This is super heavy on the butter. It reminds me of a biscuit batter/dough smell when the recipe is heavy on the batter.
Dark Spice: Whoooo-ey is this heavy on the "dark." I'm interested in seeing how the different spices show themselves when this is melted.
Peppermint (soap sample): This smells like pure peppermint. I shall use this the next time I shower. I didn't know Can-Do does soaps!
Candles From the Keeping Room - Christmas Kitchen: I smell a heavy peppermint here over all the other scents, so much that I really can't identify what else is in here. Hmmmm!
Cranberry & Chestnuts & Brown Sugar: Mmmm... I like this. I feel like I should be having a glass of milk with this. Although I am surprised about the cinnamony note. Is that the chestnut?
Pink Sugared Cranberry: Can I get this in a smoothie and take it with me to work today? Please? It smells so delicious!
Peppermint Meringue: I don't know what the meringue part is supposed to be but I sure smell that peppermint!
Gingerbread Pumpkin:  Mmmm... Gingerbread cookies mixed with pumpkin? What could be wrong with that?

Sugar Cookie Fluff: I think I want to bake cookies after sniffing this.
Gooey Chewy Kettle Corn: Hmmm... interesting. I smell a predominately butter note in this.
Coconut Macaroon Philosophy: This smells almost like the coconut conditioner that I use! Then there's a floral note hiding in there. I like it!!
Buttery Cake Bites: I don't pick up on butter or cake at all in this one. In fact I really don't pick up on much at all besides a floral note.

Okay... I'm going to go snort a bag of coffee beans and take a shower. My sniffer is pooped, as you could probably tell by reading my ever-dwindling scent descriptions. Stay tuned for more in coming days!


  1. :)

    I hope you enjoy melting everything and I'M SORRY I KEEP MAKING YOU BUY MOARRRRRR.

    Also, tortilla chip smell...is THAT what it is?! YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT...*shivers* errrrhhhhhhweeeewwww zucchini bread.... Blech!

  2. If I had to describe what it is I smell in ZB, it would be tortilla chips. I've always associated the tortilla chip smell with puke unless I can physically see tortilla chips near me. I don't know how my body has associated that smell with puke (probably another bad puking experience as a child LOl) but as wax... yeah, I can't have my house smelling like tortilla chips. Ew.