Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Splurging: Nail Polish Edition!

I've spent all of the bright sunlight hours of today taking pictures and preparing for some wonderful new posts that are upcoming, as teased by this picture above. Now that the sun is going down and it's no longer bright and sunny I want to take a moment to share another part of my birthday splurge before beginning a massive Spring Cleaning project. Now that we've officially gotten everything we need for the house (minus a kitchen table, but we have little TV trays that we can eat off of, and they save space because they can fold up) we've needed to clean and organize and since I know M isn't going to do it, I'm taking this evening to do it while he's at work. Here is essentially all the nail polish I've gotten over the past month in celebration of my BIRTHDAY!!!
These are just listed in chronological order of when I got them.
China Glaze White Cap, Blue Sparrow, Tree Hugger, and Designer Satin.
A 4-pack from China Glaze in purple shades intended to assist in creating an "ombre" manicure. I really just liked the colors. The colors included are Sweet Hook, Spontaneous, Grape Pop, and Crimson.
The China Glaze Holographic Collection in Astro-Hot, Infra Red, Not In This Galaxy, OMG A UFO...
...Sci Fly-By, Don't Be a Luna-Tic, Take A Trek, Strap On Your Moonboots...
...Get Outta My Space, When Stars Collide, Cosmic Dust, and Galactic Gray.
China Glaze Rose Among Thorns, Shocking Pink, Purple Panic, and Flying Dragon.
China Glaze In The Lime Light, Turned Up Turquoise, and Get Carried Away
China Glaze Scattered & Tattered, Razzle Me Dazzle Me, Grafitti Glitter...
...Mosaic Madness, Bling It On, and Glitz 'N Pieces.
China Glaze Tranzitions collection in Split Perso-nail-ity, Duplicity, Altered Reality...
...Modify Me, Shape Shifter, and Metallic Metamorphosis. 
Finger Paints Owlin' At The Moon, Fishin' For Fun, and Are You Hoppy?
Color Club Halo Hues 2012&2013 Collection in Cherubic, Halo-Graphic, Cloud Nine...
 ...Harp On It, Angel Kiss, Blue Heaven...
...Kismet, Cosmic Fate, Miss Bliss...
...Beyond, Eternal Beauty, and Over The Moon.

Phew! Everything except the Halo Hues from Color Club were on sale in one way or another, so overall (Color Club nail polishes included) I paid less than $3 per bottle, which is a steal in the nail world.
Alrighty, break time over! Time for me to begin the dreaded process of cleaning and organizing the entire house!


  1. Ooooh, I love that color in the first pic! Well, there are a lot in this post that look gorgeous, but that one 'speaks' to me. lol

    Makes me want to scrape the dust off my few bottles and paint my nails.


  2. I know what you're talking about! When I was looking through the pictures I'd taken, that one just looked perfect for me to post, so I picked it!

    I know that painting my nails makes me sooo relaxed now. I used to take my nail polish off whenever I went out in public, but I finally got more comfortable wearing nail polish the more I wore it just around the house. Now nail polish is as natural to me as jeans :)

  3. Those color club polishes look fabulous!!

    Have you done a post on how to make your own nail polish remover, like Zoya? I remember you saying you made your own...I would love to see a tutorial if you haven't already done one. :)

  4. I sure can! I'll be needing to buy some more acetone soon, anyways, so this will be a perfect opportunity to do a tutorial.