Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday Splurging: Rosegirls Sampler!

Bah, this post was supposed to've been finished on Sunday, but M got attacked by a dog on his way to work and we ended up in the ER until 2 am Monday morning. This furthers my theory that bad things happen to him whenever I'm not around LOL. Anyways, I managed to snag one of the sampler flash sales that came up in early March and this box got to me in time for me to figure out what I wanted to buy 8 ounce bags of come the March opening.
Strawberry Cotton Candy: A super sweet blend that's heavy on the strawberry but different than what I thought it smelled like when we opened the box. When we got the box we could smell a very strong strawberry cupcake scent, and when initially going through the scents we thought this one was it. Now that I'm smelling it I don't pick up on the cupcake scent anymore... :( so we have to figure out which one it was now!
Serendipity Smoothie: I can smell the serendipity here, and it's toned down by the smoothie. Super creamy and pleasant.
Strawberry Serendipity: Man, people weren't kidding when they said Rosegirls has some of the best strawberry blends around! This is a perfect mix of the two scents, and I can still pick up on the berry part of the serendipity.
French Toast Pudding: I pick up on some cinnamon and butter here, but not much else. We will have to see how this smells once we melt it.
Sunny Days: A lemony-fruity blend. I'm still on the fence about this one; it's a bit too heavy on the lemon for me on cold sniff.
Tropical Passion: Another fruity-berry lemony blend. I'm going to, again, see this later. I guess I'm not much of a tropical fan LOL
Pumpkin Chai Bread: This has a very strong cinnamon and bread note. I hope this smells like that tea I drink (vanilla chai... yumm!!) when I melt this. Of course, with my ever-growing list of must-melts, it could be a while before I get around to this.
Sweet Lemon Confection and Vanilla Bean Noel: This smells like lemon drops! I don't really pick up on anything else on cold sniff.

Berry Lovely Birthday Cake: When I handle the bag I pick up on that cupcake scent I kept smelling while everything was in the box, but when I smell it I just pick up on a sweet bread and berry scent. It's pleasant, it just got my hopes up that I found that strawberry cupcake scent we kept smelling. Y U TEASE ME?!
Zucchini Bread Noel: Oh my goodness. I don't pick up on that tortilla chip note!!! I DON'T PICK UP ON THE TORTILLA CHIP NOTE. Could I have found a zucchini mix that I like?! Into the melter you will go as soon as I finish up with this post!
Siren's Song: A berry mix... I can't really come up with words to describe this so I'm asking M. His words: Water. Like, literally. When I smell it I taste water. But it smells like... *sniffs* a spring breeze, which is like water. I can smell the dew off of the grass... *sniff* Me: I say this is fresh! LOL.
Florida Key Lime Pie and Serendipity: Mmmm... serendipity and lime. This is a bit heavy on the serendipity on cold sniff.
Romantic Island: Soapy sweet goodness. Am I supposed to think of a shower after my first rump in the sheets with my new hubby at our exotic honeymoon location? Cuz that's what this makes me think of due to the name LOL.
Chunk My Donut Cuppa Cake: This smells exactly the same as Pumpkin Chai Tea... now that I think about it I don't smell any pumpkin in the other one! I wonder if that one was mislabeled...
Creamy Baked Zucchini Bread and Royal Sweet Potato Pie were reviewed in my Destash From Lauren post.
Caramel Dipped Pears: I guess I'm not much for scents that are close to things that are healthy for you. I like the caramel but the pear scent here is not for me. M loves this, of course!
Sweet Lemon Confection and Marshmallow Smoothie: Very similar to Sweet Lemon Confection and Vanilla Bean Noel. I'm okay with this one. M says he doesn't like it because "There's no marshmallow in here... *sadface* they got my hopes up."
Apple Eclipse: I smelled this one thinking I was going to be hit with apple. I really don't smell apples in here. I may actually like this one!
Faith, Hope, Love: I just realized what this was when sniffing it just now. It's a dupe of Candy Mountain by Lush, which I happen to LOVE! Good thing I got a bag of this to support the cause Jenny was donating to. I don't remember what it is now... but it made me feel good about buying wax so I got it :D

So I have a small order I'm waiting on from their March opening - a sampler pack and 2 bags. I'm probably going to be on a Rosegirls melting spree so I have a better idea of what I may or may not want on April 27th when they're opening with a large pie sale for Jenny's birthday!


  1. Do you know if the samplers are random? Or does everyone that orders a March sampler get the same scents?

    I've often thought about trying to get one but I'm afraid I'd be spending a chunk of money and getting mostly scents I don't even want/like. :(


  2. The flash samplers are mostly the same but if you order a sampler during one of their openings what you get is dependent on orders before you. Leftovers from other orders will be used to fill your sampler. So you could very much get a bunch of scents you don't like.
    The good thing about Rosegirls is you will always find a buyer if you have a destash, even if you are trying to break even on what you spent. I got lucky and I like pretty much all of my sampler scents, though I'm not sure if that'll be the case with this sampler I should be getting some time.