Friday, April 12, 2013

Victoria's Designer Creations - Black Cherry Paradise

Cold Sniff: 2/3
Warm Sniff: 2/3
Throw: 3/3
Melting Power: 3/3 18 hours
Scent Strength: 1/3
Repurchase: Yes, if I ever make my first order from VDC. The only tarts I have from Victoria are ones I've gotten from a destash, and I've heard a lot of mixed review on her TAT, customer service, and overall experience. I guess I'll just have to order some day and see if I am one of those lucky ones who get to order without a hitch.


  1. order without a hitch, she said... :-/

  2. I know... :( I said SOME DAY. You know... if hell freezes over :D

  3. :P
    Maybe when things "calm down" and she goes to "RTS" which apparently already happened???? :O

  4. I don't plan to ever order from there but ... what did this one smell like?? The fact that it's black cherry intrigues me.


  5. @Deb: This was a very heavy cherry scent. It reminds me of the cherry note in Serendipity. As for the paradise part of the scent, maybe it added something but I honestly couldn't pick up on it over the cherry in this. Trust me, the cherry was INTENSE in this scent. Besides that, I couldn't really tell you a difference between this 'black' cherry and other cherry scents.