Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery & Confections in Wax - Cheer Bear Dough

Cold Sniff: 3/3 A nice, sweet berry scent with just a hint of bread.
Warm Sniff: 3/3 The same. This isn't one of those hidden surprise scents.
Throw: 3/3 This had barely started melting and I could already smell it in the entire apartment.
Melting Power: 3/3 I melted this for about 16 hours total before I decided to go ahead and dump the wax. I'm getting better about not hoarding my wax... maybe. I'm a complete liar - I still have entirely too much.
Scent Strength: 2/3 I don't know... I don't think I've ever really encountered an overpowering scent. Either that or I just don't melt them. Maybe because I just don't like powerful scents. I don't want my nose burned off from the scent... I just want to set the mood!
Repurchase: Yes, if I could. Unfortunately JLCCW has closed their doors due to family issues. I wish them the best and understand their decision, but it still sucks to find an awesome wax maker and then fall in love with their products right before they close. Luckily I have another little tart like this since I wanted two of each scent.
So... epic fail time for me. I had like 20 different posts scheduled, and I've been going through and adding more to the mix... and I never actually scheduled any of my posts. So they're sitting in my drafts folder... finished... waiting to be published. Uuuugh.