Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wax Rating System 2.0

Time to revamp my wax rating system. While going through old posts I realized that while a 3 point system was good for the rear house I'd lived in, the following apartment, house, and now apartment again don't cut it. Not to mention as of one week ago I'm living in an entirely different state with a different climate from before.

Cold Sniff: 1-5. Anything 3 or higher means I at least liked the scent.
Warm Sniff: 1-5. Again, anything 3 or higher means I at least liked the scent.
Scent Strength: I've decided to keep this on a 1-3 scale, since there are really only 3 levels of strength (to me). This just rates how strong the scent is. Is it a background, light type scent, or is it an in-your-face obnoxious type scent? A 1 doesn't necessarily mean bad here; it just means that scent isn't very heavy on the nose.
Scent Throw: 1-5 I decided to extend the scale of this since I found most of my previous melts got a 2 on the previous scale even though they were still unimpressive. Since we're living in a one bedroom apartment, it's relatively easy to fulfill my throw needs. I still don't use more than one warmer, so I want my one tart to fill the entire apartment from one location. Right now I'm thinking it'll be on the counter above the sink, as it's a pretty central area to the apartment. Note to self: Take pictures of the apartment before all of our stuff arrives.
1/5 means this tart sucked ass frankly. There was no throw whatsoever. 1 means I'm not buying the scent from the vendor again, because it sucks that horribly. At no point over the course of melting this tart did I ever smell it anywhere but 3 inches from the warmer.
2/5 means this tart filled the immediate area around the warmer extending no more than 3 or 4 feet from it. This is another horrible rating. This tart wouldn't even fill my bathroom if I put it in there.
3/5 The scent filled most of the kitchen and part of the living room. Decent enough, but it didn't extend very far.
4/5 This tart's scent extended to most of the apartment. It gets a 4 if it doesn't quite reach one or two areas of the apartment, such as the dining area or the bedroom.
5/5 Every room of the apartment was filled with this scent. I don't reasonably expect every single tart I buy to reach every room, as air currents/closed doors can affect how far it reaches, but a 5 is my 'holy grail'. It reaches all of my apartment.
>5/5 This tart extended beyond the doors of the apartment. To me this says I just need to melt less of the tart next time so I don't push my melts into other people's living areas. Since I live in an apartment complex I  need to think of other people and try to be considerate. This also means that this is an exceptionally strong tart and the same weight in wax will go further than other waxes. So overall, this is a fantastic rating.
Melting Power: 1-5 How long did the scent last while melting? 0-3 hours is 1, 3-6 hours is 2, 6-9 hours is 3, 9-24 hours is 4, and anything above 24 hours is a 5. I typically want a 4 in this category just because I grow bored of scents after melting them anything longer than 24 hours.

After this I'll do a little blurb on whether I'd repurchase this particular tart again. Really self explanatory.

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