Sunday, February 8, 2015

Finger Paints - Lemon Sour

You know how pastels like to apply streakily? How if you're not careful about your layer thickness you end up with really thick, weird nails that annoy you because they look so damn unnatural? Yeah, that's what happened here.
This was three coats. I couldn't use two because the polish was still too streaky. Of course, I may be at fault here for not applying the coats thinly enough, but let's just stick with blaming the fact that this is a pastel polish.
Do you see how thick my nails look? I'm all for thick nails along the free edge to help protect the nail, but this was something else. It was that thick all the way through. Not to mention on my middle finger in the top pic you can see a singular bubble on the nail. That was my fault. I didn't clean my nails of the oil I'd just applied to my cuticles.
Anyway, I've been having really bad luck with polishes lately. This one gave me a bad case of lobster hands. I'd never understood how people didn't wear colors because it didn't fit their skin color until I wore this.
Today I'm also wearing a color that doesn't quite give me lobster hands, but the hue just doesn't fit my skintone. Seriously, I go 5 years without dealing with any bad colors and now I'm 2/2 on wearing colors that either look bad on me or make my skin look bad.
On the bright side, I'm wearing more colors more frequently!


  1. The old lobster hands. I get those sometimes with some greens. That is some seriously thick polish! But I get the pastel streaky thing. No fun. Finger Paints is a brand I have never binded with. I ended up giving away the three colors I had. They stained really bad.

    1. I managed to pick up most of their flakies a few years back for an amazing price (during one of Sally's 50% off clearance) and those are the only ones I've had absolutely no issues with. That's probably because I feel like you can never go wrong with flakies!