Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lil' Kitchen Candles - Circus

Scent Description: Orange dreamsicle, banana smoothie and cotton candy. I smell mainly the orange dreamsicle and a bit of the smoothie, but the banana and cotton candy are still there.
Weight Melted: 1.0 oz initially, then I upped it to 2.0 oz
Cold Sniff: 3.5/5 I'm not particularly a fan of orange, but I'd looked for another 'circus' blend after my attempt with JMae's version of this. This was nothing like it, but I still wanted to try it out.
Warm Sniff: 3.5/5 The scent stayed the same as my initial sniff. Mainly orange dreamsicle with a tad bit of smoothie and underlying banana/cotton candy.
Scent Strength: 2/3 Orange will always be a more in your face scent to me, just because I'm not typically a fan of it.
Scent Throw: 3/5 This filled most of the kitchen and living room... not very far compared to some other things I've been melting recently.
Melting Power: 3/5 I got about six hours of scents before I called it quits.
Repurchase: No. This didn't quite perform like I would like, and the scent itself isn't something I care for.

1 comment:

  1. LKC! WOW! Old school! I remember loving their wax, it's a shame they left the wax world!