Monday, February 2, 2015

Lookit my New Warmer!

While we were packing up in Lubbock, I made the decision that it was time to retire my old warmer. It was an old, brown hot plate warmer that I'd gotten from Michaels for $5 with a coupon, if memory serves correct.
When we arrived in Georgia I took the opportunity to take M to Michaels. We couldn't find any of those freakin hot plate warmers that are always at there. Am I wrong? Did they discontinue them? Auuugh!
Anyways, while I was considering picking up a votive candle warmer and some votives, M came over and put this in my hands. "I want dis." Yes, we talk rather childishly to each other. If you heard some of our conversations you'd think we were a couple of two-year-olds communicating in our own broken form of English.
I kept looking, but no matter what I looked at if there wasn't an 'owl' version, M didn't want it. This was almost $20 without any coupons, and I wanted to look for a cheaper option. Since I'm cheap like that and I'm always looking for the cheapest option.
Finally I conceded that there were no other options that M would like. I liked this, it was a neutral color, and it was a cute design.
Lookit me! I'm a bulb warmer! 
Crap... I don't actually remember the wattage on this, but she's been able to melt anything I've put on her so far. The only tart I've had issues with so far is that Rosegirls melt I talked about here. At this point I'm thinking that Rosegirls wax was just old.
So... yup. This is my new warmer. The only downside to it is that we can see the light from this in the bedroom when we're trying to sleep. I like it to be as dark as possible whenever I sleep, and even the slightest bit of light annoys me. Fortunately we have an amazing light-stopping mechanism known as a 'door' to prevent the light from getting in :)


  1. That is cute. Kinda reminds me of the groovy macrame wall hangings old people like me used to do back in the '70s. lol


  2. I love this lil guy. He's a hoot! (Oh gosh, yes I said that) I have been eyeing a few bulb warmers myself. Nice to hear it is melting well.