Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lush Boxing Day Haul

Let's just accept that I will never, ever post anything during a relevant timeframe. I expect my holiday manicures to make their way to this blog some time in July at this rate. 
Anyway, happy Valentine's Day! I don't typically care for this 'holiday.' I'm one of those of the belief that Valentine's Day is a commercialized holiday where the companies make money off people's emotions. Was that a harsh way to put it? Yeah... I'm a pessimist.
Besides that, I don't think you should wait for a special day to show your special someone that they are in fact special to you. Love is something you need to work on and show every single day. I don't condemn those who enjoy using this day to do something special with their significant other... it's just not for me.
That being said, I'm currently camping right now. This very moment. Scheduled posts FTW! As you read this (no matter what time it is, so long as it's over this weekend) I'm probably pigging out on meat cooked over an open fire. We didn't plan for this camping trip to coincide with Valentine's day, M's 4-day weekend this month just so happened to fall on it. So I guess this is doing something for Valentine's day, right?
Anyways, I've totally derailed this post. Back on topic, Liz!

I didn't plan to go to Lush this year. The last time I bought anything from them was three years ago at their last Boxing Day sale. Truth be told, I just now finished my last item from that haul. Don't judge me. I know it was old. I have issues with using up items I buy, okay? I feel that's wasting it... even though it's supposed to be used for that... Yeah, don't ask. I've finally rid myself of that irrational train of thought for the most part.
We ended up in the area while shopping some other sales, so I decided to check it out.
We got there at around 10 AM and everything was pretty picked over. Upon looking at their Facebook page, I discovered that they apparently never bothered to restock after their initial holiday stockup. At least, that's other people's accusations on their page. It's not the first time this particular location (the only location anywhere near me, FML) has failed to keep their store stocked up.
I picked up two Dashing Santa bath bombs. I assume this is the newer iteration of the old Satsuma Santa bath bomb. It smells the same. I plan to use it pretty soon.
Next we have two snow fairy sparkle massage bars. I just wanted to pick up a massage bar to use on M. I kind of didn't take into account that this is super sparkly... oh well! Maybe I'll get something more masculine and just ask him to use these on me.
Also, these don't look as nice and pretty as the official pictures. Understandable, though, since they are very malleable. I don't like that they put this in a paper bag, though. I wrapped mine up in some wax paper once I got home to keep it from seeping more into the bag.
When M saw that I'd picked up four of these Candy Mountain bubble bars, he initially had a negative reaction. "Why?? You don't need that much, you have two of everything else!" When I told him this was my favorite product from Lush, however, he tried adding more to the basket. Silly M, all I wanted was four!
I'm pretty sure they changed the design on this from the last time I bought some. Oh well, same smell and I'm thinking it'll perform the same.
Besides this there was nothing else I could pick up. I wanted to pick up some bath melts but there were only a few crumbled up pieces left in that basket. So M and I got in line...
and I managed to convince M to let me pick up two of these :)
I don't typically look at  their gift baskets since they have all sorts of extra products I don't care for. I've only ever been interested in bath items from Lush. This year was somewhat different in that I picked up two massage bars. In this gift box, however, I was super excited for what I saw.
Four Fun bars and two shower jellies, in Whoosh and Snowman. The shower jellies looked interesting and the fact that the other items were essentially bubble bars had me super excited. 
I had to look up a list of the products Lush offered this past Christmas season, and I'm realizing exactly how little I was able to get from my little haul. Seriously, that store has to get their act together! I would've bought more if there had been more! :)
Maybe that's for the best, though.

Have you used the Fun bars before? Was your local Lush better stocked than mine?

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  1. Nice Lush haul! I think the candy mountain bubble bars were green and pink last year. Very cute.

    My girls love the Fun bars (in fact they already claimed the one you sent). This past year was my first after Christmas sale with them, I did it online but next year I am heading to a brick and morter store.