Saturday, February 21, 2015

Orly - Glitz

Holy shmoly this girl is blingy! Seriously! Look at this! I don't even remember when I picked this up! I'm fairly certain it was during a time when I couldn't really wear nail polish but I would still pop in to Sally's every so often with M and pick up a few nice looking colors. I think this was from a 50% off clearance sale.
 If you examine it really really really closely you can tell that this polish is made up of smaller glitters in two shades of gold. It combines to create this super sparkly sheeny effect that I love!
This is two coats and unlike most of the other polishes I post about, this is true full coverage. I wore this over the weekend in Florida (WOOHOO! Key West!!) and it's held up really good considering all the stuff I did! M's pretty sure I strained the tendons in my feet from walking 12+ miles in less than 36 hours. Half of those miles were in flipflops that were very, very uncomfortable. The other half was in 5 year old tennies that survived through two Cross Country seasons in high school, plus all of my collective walking done in college.... I need new shoes >_>
Lesson learned! Now to go shoe shopping! YAAAY!


  1. Gorgeous! What a festive color! Was the trip nice?? I hope the weather was beautiful. Y'all went all the way to Key West?! Fun! Did you go to the Hemingway house? Market Street and see the cats perform? I did Key West for my bachelorette party many moons ago. Hope your feet heal soon. Happy shoe shopping!!

    1. We loved the trip!! It was windy the first day, pleasant if a bit cool the 2nd day, and then perfectly sunny the last day we were there. Michael and I went to Hemingway's house. It was sooo pretty! I wish I'd thought to take pictures. We also checked out the butterfly conservatoire. I didn't know anything about the performing cats, otherwise I totally would have wanted to go.
      I can't believe it's been a week already! Aaack, I wanna go back!

  2. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is gorgeous! What a wonderful color!! 50% off makes it even sweeter. Sounds like you had an awesome time on your trip!