Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bath and Body Works - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles & Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

I don't really have a rating system for candles and I don't burn candles enough to set up a rating system, so I'm going to just talk about this candle.
I got these mini candles in a fall/halloween gift type set along with one other pumpkin themed mini candle. If these hadn't come in the set, I wouldn't have thought to pick up any of the mini candles. They're too small, don't last long, and compared to the 3-wicks, they're very very expensive for the amount of wax you get. For six months I'd let these candles go untouched.
Having hosted two LAN parties now, I'm not quite in love with these candles but I enjoy their performance for my needs.They are small, easy to manage, smell nice, and scent up the bathroom and only the bathroom. At one point over the weekend we had 13 people in the apartment and I was very glad I something keeping the restroom smelling nice.
I wouldn't repurchase these unless they were insanely cheap or came in another set, but they have been very nice to have while I had them.


  1. I don't get B&BW candles very often but I do love the minis. Well, I used to when they had some scent. I keep hearing bad things about B&BW wax in general these days. Anyway, I like the minis because it's a good way to try without committing to a big candle. I prefer smaller candles because I like to move on to new scents, and getting through smaller ones makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. LOL! And I like the minis because I often pop them out of the container and melt them as tarts.

    But again, I rarely get B&BW wax.


    1. I know what you mean with the quality. I got lucky with my Lavender candle I got a year ago, but I haven't been willing to try out any other full sized candles. These pumpkin scents behaved really well, though! I remember that Michael made me pick up a full sized candle around this time, but I can't find it... Oops...

  2. 13 people?! Your place is the hang out! Adam hosted a LAN party once when his buddies were all playing Socom. I like picking these up on clearance and using them around the bath tub.

    1. When I got home Saturday morning from visiting my Mom it was like an obstacle course just to get to the bedroom! There were sleeping men everywhere LOL!
      I would use these around the tub if I weren't already overloading my nose with all the wonderful scents that come with taking a Lush bath. Also, I tend to hang out appendages on the sides of the tub and I would surely knock the poor candle over if I put it anywhere near there. I keep an eye out on these during the SAS but the ones in scents I'd enjoy are usually picked over by the time I lazily make my way to the store.