Saturday, March 14, 2015

China Glaze - Crimson

 Oooh, look at this beauty! I haven't worn a dark and vampy color in a while. What better time than spring? LOL
In the pictures the layers look streaky. I promise in person it's nice and even. As for the weird textures/imprints on the nails... I did this right before attempting to go to bed, so there's that.
Pictured is two coats and I didn't experience any issues with the formula.
I'm considering layering a flakie over this. Maybe something Finger Paints. I'll get back to you on this!
Have you been wearing polish lately? Do you stick to seasonal 'norms' when wearing it?


  1. Hot mama!!!!! LOVE da vamps!!!! I try to stay seasonal but the oddballs always come into play randomly. Like a pastel in winter or vamps in spring. But I wear based on what color I crave or if I know a certain color will rock with a certain top. Like canary yellow nails with cobalt blue top. Great polish on you!

  2. What a gorgeous dark color! Love the look on you, you certainly can pull it off!