Saturday, March 21, 2015

Essie - Ballet Slippers

What is wrong with me? I'm wearing a sheer nude polish by itself! Where's the bling? Where's the color? Am I going crazy?
For whatever reason I decided to wear this polish. Maybe it's because it's one of the only two Essies I own. Maybe it's because I just wanted something plain after wearing so many blingy and otherwise strong colors. Maybe I was lazy. I don't know. Why am I getting so into the reasoning behind me wearing a freaking polish? LOL
In any case, I very much enjoyed this. Initially I was going to do a french tip and then use this to soften the edges. As it appears my own VNL served as a nice french tip barring some dirt under the fingernails but I'm not going to get too torn up about that.
Pictured is two coats and the formula was fine, if a slight bit streaky. I'm so used to applying polish, though, that I barely noticed it. Four and a half years ago I would have gotten frustrated at the streakiness and stopped using the polish, but over time I've developed enough application skills that I'm not fazed by that kind of stuff. Who knew that with use comes experience?!
Do you own any nude polishes? Do you use them frequently?


  1. Beautiful!!!!! I love all the colors so yes I wear nudes and sheets a lot too. This is really really pretty on you. I love your nails.

    1. I've read your comment several times and I never even noticed you said sheets ROFL.
      Thank you! I've been fortunate enough to inherit my dad's ridiculously strong nails.

  2. Liz! I think I've said this before but you have the most beautifully shaped nails. I'm olive skin toned so I have to be careful with nudes but this color has me curious if it will work <3 Have a great weekend!

    1. Awww, thank you! Olive skin tones get the crappy end of most beauty-related products. One of my best friends in high school had such problems getting beauty products in general that didn't clash with her skintone.
      Because it's so sheer it could possibly work. If it didn't work by itself you could resort to layering it over something that you know does work? I don't know, I've never let a wonky colored nail polish affect whether I'm going to wear something. If I like the color I'll slap it on and just roll with it!