Monday, March 23, 2015

Revlon - Firecracker

Aah, now here's a beauty I haven't worn in a while. I've had this polish for around 10 years, give or take (more on the give side). I loved it and wore it so much all that's left is half a bottle! I recently rediscovered it and after a bit of polish thinner it was good as new!
Firecracker is a red jelly base with tiny red and silver bar glitters. I'm pretty sure when I first got this the silver glitter wasn't there. Maybe. I could be wrong. I remember layering this over itself so many times you could only see a glitter bomb on my fingernails.
Pictured is only one coat and I can't say anything about the original formula because this is mostly thinner now. The actual polish got very very goopy. Mostly because the cap no longer forms a seal with the bottle.
This weather is killing me! It had been so sunny and of course now that I'm doing more nail posts than wax the clouds had to roll in. I just can't win!

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