Saturday, March 28, 2015

Revlon - Iced Mauve

Ah, the frustrations of bad weather. Maybe it's because I'm on my period having a bad week, but I've just not been in the blogging mood. Not in an... anything mood, really. I'm at a plateau with working out, regardless of my switching up my routine and increasing the number of workouts per week. I haven't been melting anything, and even my nails have been blah. Today I made myself sit through and participate in an entire P90X Yoga session, and suddenly I'm all emotional and stupid music videos are making me tear up. Seriously, what is wrong with me?
Anyways, Iced Mauve is... well, a frosty (or icy!) mauve color. This is an older Revlon that I inherited from my great grandmother when she passed, two years ago. For that reason alone I'm unwilling to ever part with this polish. Even a crappy Lancome basecoat stays in my collection for that reason.
In other news, I don't know what I did but the pictures of this manicure turned out much nicer than any other pictures I've taken to date. Let's hope this isn't a one time thing... 

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  1. I get like that too. I teared up watching Hagrid hold Hermione's hand and soothe her when she got called a Mudblood last night. Hope it passes soon. Very sweet you have your Great Grandma's polishes <3 I would totally keep them too! Great photos!