Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rosegirls - Frosted Summer Breeze

 A couple weekends ago M hosted a LAN party at our apartment. It made sense, since we still don't have a couch and we had more than enough room to put several tables and have 9 people total playing computer games and getting drunk in one room. I wanted to put something on that wasn't completely in your face but would be strong enough to combat any other stenches that might arise from this situation.
Scent Description: I don't know what the 'frosted' part is, but the Summer Breeze is "notes of orange and lemon blossoms with white jasmine and woody amber." I know for a fact that there is cotton candy and lavender in here, and that's almost all I smell. Everything I've found that fits the 'frosted' description doesn't have either of those, though.
Weight Melted: 1.8 oz
Cold Sniff: 2/5 There was a weird pukey undertone when I sniffed this, but I know some things just don't smell well in their cold form so I went ahead and melted it.
Warm Sniff: 4/5 I quite enjoyed this. It was a combination of something detergent-y (think Gain) with some lavender and cotton candy.
Scent Strength: 2/3 This was quite pleasant! It was strong enough to cover the stench of 7 males sitting in the living room and gentle enough not to make their drunken asses gag LOL
Scent Throw: 5/5 I smelled this all over the apartment. Score!
Melting Power: 5/5 I left this in for the entire first 24 hours M's friends were over.
Repurchase: Probably not, even though this performed so well. The main thing I smelled here was cotton candy + lavender, and I know it's that because I've been making my own tarts for two years now and my favorite scent to make is Lavender Cotton Candy. I was sitting in the bedroom playing some video games after I put this on and after about five minutes I smelled this and wondered if I had somehow put my own tarts in and convinced myself it was Rosegirls. After the whole chunk melted, all you could really smell was this weird mix that didn't seem to be anywhere in any scent description with anything related to  "frosted" "summer" or "breeze." I loved it, but you could only barely smell the 'summer breeze' when you were within 5 feet of the warmer.

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  1. I love your review of this. I had this one once and it didn't really stick with me. Like you, I didn't adore it or hate it, it just was. There are plenty other scents in this genre I would rather repurchase.