Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rosegirls - Watermelon Peppermint Smoothie

When the lovely Julie sent me a box of goodies in January, the box had a lovely smell inside and outside that I'd initially attributed to the perfume sample she'd sent. I could not describe it at all. It smelled like a perfume with something... fruity? Not quite the word, but I instantly fell in love. After a couple days of the box being open, the scent faded away and I feared that the scent I had come to love was just a combination of everything Julie had sent me. The perfume had contributed to this scent, but only slightly. I soon realized that it wasn't the perfume, and started frantically sniffing at every chunk and tart she'd sent to try and figure out what it was I was smelling. Nothing smelled close to the lovely scent I'd gotten, so I eventually gave up. Enter this beauty!! Squeee! 
Scent Description: I assume the 'smoothie' part of this is marshmallow smoothie. It smells like that. In any case, let me try and explain this. A sweet watermelon mixed with vanilla and just a dash of peppermint. Think a more fruity, 'adult' friendly version of Twisted Peppermint. It's still just as sweet, but in a nice and summery way.
Weight Melted: 2.0 oz.
Cold Sniff: 3/5 The peppermint had been awfully strong when I'd sniffed this initially, and I didn't pick up on anything related to the box scent that I had been obsessing over for a month and a half at this point.
Warm Sniff: 5/5 I was cleaning up a little of the mess left behind after the LAN party when I got hit with a whiff of the nameless scent I had fallen in love with. THIS! This was it!! THIS WAS IT!! Oh my goodness I cannot describe to you how much I loved this scent! This is a perfect example of why you need to melt something before you give a final verdict on whether you like the scent. On cold sniff the peppermint was waay too strong, but melted this baby was all sorts of perfect. I would seriously buy a perfume in this scent. Try me. I'll give you ALL the money!!

Scent Strength: 2/3
Scent Throw: 5/5 Everywhere was filled with the bliss that was this scent. Which was good, because I spent a good chunk of the day in the closet putting up clothes.
Melting Power: >4/5 I melted this for about 12 hours before I decided to turn off my warmer to preserve the tart. You guys know me. I melt something and move on from it. I never save a tart for later, because I have too many other scents. This was so fantastic I decided to save some of the scent for later! This was still going strong when I'd turned of the warmer, so I'm certain this has another good melt in it.
Repurchase: I am seriously contemplating ordering from Rosegirls come April just to get this blend. Either that or buying each of the individual scents in the Mini Melters and creating the scent myself. So the answer would be a very resounding yes. Thank you Julie for this lovely melt. I'm not sure if you could tell, but I very much loved it :)


  1. Glad you loved it! Deb was the mastermind behind this blend. It was so cool to smell how those scents came together.

  2. This is such a wonderful scent!! Glad you liked it!