Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sally Hansen - Aisle Be There & Essie - Ballet Slippers

Oh, there's that blingy bit that I know I crave! After a day in the nude (heheheheheheee *gigglesnort*) I decided I wanted to add something sparkly and blingy to the mix! Unfortunately it decided to rain today... so I'm stuck with indoor pictures. Eh. You take what you can get, right?
I tried so hard to capture this on the nail, but it's not showing up as well as it is in the bottle in this picture. So let me help you. This is actually a flakie. Very tiny flakies, but they are flakies as opposed to simply being glitter. The flakies change from pink to purple/orange depending on the angle and lighting.
This is actually one of my favorite polishes because it's a present from my little brother. He was 11 or 12 at the time and I had already moved off to college, but he said he bought it because he thought of me and he wanted to get me an early Christmas present. Will's always been sweet like that. He also has never thought about money when it comes to presents. It continues to shock me to this day. Some of my most expensive polishes are from him, and he's never once thought twice about it. This past Christmas M had made a comment on switching from Diablo 3 on the console (I can't remember which one) to PC, and Will remembered that and without thinking twice, coughed up the $60+ for M to be completely set up with the game. He might be 15 now, but his allowance isn't any more than $6.50/week (1/2 your age, minus at least $1/week to be put into savings). That's my little brother for ya.

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  1. Your brother sounds so sweet and generous! Big hearted guy. Your nails look extra shiny and sparkly with that top coat. I like that it doesn't over power the nude sheer.