Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Urban Lacquer - Take It Offline

The lovely Julie sent me this in January. I promptly lost it.
Seriously. I don't know why I keep losing my stuff. I'm normally much more organized and I can tell you where every single thing I own is. I blame M. Yeeeeeeah.
Anyways, I found it (under the desk, guess it fell over) and promptly slapped it on my fingernails. Ooooo, aaah!
Take It Offline is a gold shimmery polish. These pictures show two coats, and if you look closely it's not completely opaque. That's fine by me. Mainly because I almost never both with a third coat of anything I put on. I'm lazy like that.
I don't want to wear this anymore since it's a mini! I can't use it up! That would be bad! I don't buy things to use them up, I buy them to look at them and adore how cute it would potentially look on me!
Nah, I'm working through that line of thinking. I'm much better about using stuff up now. The only thing I can think of that I let myself not wear for that exact line of reasoning is an old perfume that I've had for 8 years now. Elizabeth Arden's Provocative Interlude. I got it as a Christmas Present and it became my favorite perfume. When I looked to buy more of it, I found out they'd discontinued it! Noooo!


  1. This came from The Soap Box Company. They used to have a cool mini blogger package where you paid less than $10 to get a collection of goodies to try and review. I never used this one as most golds hate my skin tone. Except the silvery rose gold of Designer...De Better by OPI (I will seriously cry when I use that all up, so hard to find). Have you tried eBay for your 'fume??? Gotta rock the perfume you love!!!

    1. I'd tried Ebay about 4 years ago and at the time the bottle was going for over $100! It was crazy! I started looking online after talking about this perfume and it seems that in the past few years it's popped up again on etailers' websites for around $20, so I may buy one just to see if it smells the same and if it is, go crazy with my perfume! Buahahaha! :)