Wednesday, April 15, 2015

As If You Didn't Hurt Me Enough...

If you think something looks wrong with the finger on the left, you're correct. While taking off this polish I noticed that MY NAILS WERE A HORRID SHADE OF ORANGE.
Normally I don't care about yellowing of the nails. I make a note of it and move on with my life, maybe making a point to double or triple up on my base coat if I remember that the polish caused yellowing. This polish left my nails just a bit more than yellow.
My pointer finger has already had its treatment. A light buffing. Not recommended for those who have weak nails. My nails, thankfully, are anything but weak. They're too strong, if you ask me. Thus I must moisturize often to keep my nails flexible, otherwise they will chip easily.
Aaah, much better. Would you look at that? Now my nails are nice and back to normal. Don't mind my cuticles, they always look like that in between manicures. All the time, really. I just try and convince myself that they look halfway decent, then realize I'm a liar whenever I see pictures :)
Long story short, Orly Mysterious Curse is really a curse for me. It's so pretty, though!


  1. Great job removing this stains. Mine are bad right now because I was lazy and didn't use a base coat last paint job. Mine are too thin for this though.

    1. It's an awesome excuse to just continuously wear polish on your fingernails! LOL
      The only issue I have with yellowing is if I wear a translucent nail polish my nails will look horrid. Since it's springtime and to me that screams 'nudes and sheers' I knew I should take care of this ASAP.

  2. Yikes! Glad they are back to normal. Staining polish sucks!