Friday, April 17, 2015

Cult Nails Liquidation Sale - Round Two!

Imagine my excitement one morning when I checked the Cult Nails Facebook page to find that they had finally opened up for round two of their liquidation sale!
While I was several hours late on some of their more sought after items, I did still pick up many beauties. This was a lovely birthday present, from me to me. LOL

Dazed: A frosty blue color. I'm curious as to how streaky this will be when I apply it.
Charlatan: A duochrome glitter/shimmer that shifts between pink/purple and light blue/dark blue.
Bitten: A magenta/red jelly with red/pink duochrome shimmer throughout.
Flash: A creme grungy green color. It looks like the base color to Feelin' Froggy.
Enigmatic: These names are just amazing. A deep musky purple/brown with shimmer that ranges from silver to blood red to murky brown.
Doppelganger: This looks like they took the shimmer from Disciplined and stuck it in a blue shimmer suspension base. I'm excited to see how it performs when layered.
Party Time: A teal-blue creme color. You have to apply it to appreciate the color.
New Day: A very vibrant and sunny yellow creme. While putting the bottle near my skin I fear I have another polish that makes my fingers look ridiculously orange. It's so pretty, though...
Ignite: A black jelly with silver glitter throughout. I can imagine doing a galaxy mani with this as the base.
Iconic: A red base with yellow/gold shimmer and rainbow flakies. I may go back and buy a backup of this. I don't own any other polishes like this and I can't think of any other brands that have anything close to this. Think of fire in a bottle.
I got some freebie nail art wheels and I'm excited to use the studs. I don't actually own any nail art studs, nor do I have rhinestones quite that small. Time to do some more nail art!

That it for this haul! This brings my current Cult Nails count up to 25. Oops. >_> In my defense, it's been bought over time. Except for the past 18. Shh.
What colors would you like to see swatched? Did you buy anything this time around?

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  1. Sweet birthday haul!!!! Love her nail art wheels. The studs will be fun. Looks like the mini rhinestones are kinda like the ones it got, squares? I would love to see Iconic, enigmatic, charlatan, and ignite swatches please. I sat out part two but now I am regretting it LOL!