Thursday, April 16, 2015

Glitterati Candle Co - Cucumber Melon Candy Cane

Scent Description: Oh my. A heavenly mix between cucumber melon and candy canes. Brings to mind an image of Spring and happiness and cleaning (in a good way), with a hint of sweet desserts and forests.
Weight Melted: 1.0 oz.
Cold Sniff: 3/5 Really heavy on the candy canes. This wax needs  to be melted for you to appreciate the beauty of it.
Warm Sniff: 5/5 The cucumber melon really takes a step up here, and the candy cane just peaks its head out.
Scent Throw: 6/5. Holy cow. Guys, this was one ounce. Julie sent me a large chunk that weighed out to 2.9 oz total and I decided to split this into three chunks. I checked mail and while walking up the stairs to my front door I could smell it. I spent some time on my porch reading and enjoying the warm, sunny weather, and this scent stuck to me in a pleasant way. I don't know whether I want to further chop up my remaining two chunks and see how that performs or just keep the other two chunks as is. The other two chunks are .8 oz. Maybe they won't extend beyond the apartment. Seriously, though, this extended soooo far!
Melting Power: >4/5 As I type this, this melt has been going for 18 hours with no indication of dying out any time soon.
Repurchase: YES! This and Cotton Candy Waffle Cone are going on my must-have list. Now I have to decide how much I'm going to buy of this particular blend. A loaf sounds good. Better yet, I'll just buy a literal ton of this. >_> In all seriousness, I hope all of her stuff is this potent in this small an amount. It makes this the best quality per ounce that I've ever melted.


  1. Interesting blend. At first I was like 'Eeeuw!' but I suppose I can see how it would be like a crisp fresh burst of spring air.


    1. Just reading the scent name I would never have picked this for myself. I was very pleasantly surprised when this turned out so awesome. After getting over the initial 'that's a weird combination' I realized that this is a fantastic blend!

  2. So glad you liked it!!! I just got my custom order in and I am kicking myself for not getting a bite bag in one of the scents. Sooooo gooood! I am also regretting not trying to get back on the custom list. :-(

    1. I still get super happy whenever I remember that I made it onto the customs list!
      I was surprised when I noticed that you didn't try to get in on it. I would've thought for sure you were going to try. If I get some stuff I think you'll like I'll be sure to send you some :)
      Right now I'm just slowwwly building up a list of stuff I'm going to buy. I have time so I'm not in any rush :)