Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Orly - Mysterious Curse

Ah, what a lovely color. It's tainted, however, by my experience with the brush and my inability  to capture this polish with my camera. Fitting, when you think of the name.
While looking at this in soft light, this comes across as a deep blue with a very dark, almost black base. You can kind of see that color at the bottom of every nail here.
In the light, or at an angle, you can see that the base is a very dark purple. So dark it looks black in most lights. Then there's this purple-pink shimmer, that you can see really well in the picture but in person takes lots of lighting to capture. This is such a beautiful color!
the brush is wonky. It's misshapen and has some strands out of place. By the time I finished applying the polish I was too angry to take a picture of the nightmare that was the brush.
AUGH. Such a wonderful color. That brush made me want to hurl the bottle at the wall.
Can you tell I'm frustrated by how this worked?

1 comment:

  1. Wonky brushes are the worst. I do love this color on you. Orly has some awesome gems. I sometimes kick myself for culling Fowl Play.