Friday, May 15, 2015

Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery & Confections In Wax - Sex On the Beach + Aloha Pineapple

To celebrate JLCCW's potential reopening (does anyone else remember the last time they tried reopening?) I decided it was time to break out this pie!
Scent Description: Since JLCCW is closed, I must use my sniffer to describe this! I get a banana gum smell mixed with something pineapple and a hint of vanilla.

Weight Melted: 2.5 oz I had such a hard time chopping this up. Not due to the wax being too hard, but my own ineptitude. It was horrible. By the time I got a slice I decided I was just going to go with it and hope everything turned out okay.
Cold Sniff: 3/5 That weird gum smell was... well, weird!
Warm Sniff: 4/5 This is a very sweet pineapple scent. I enjoyed it!
Scent Strength: 1/3
Scent Throw: 5/5 This is a very light scent, but it still threw very far!
Melting Power: 5/5 I should've chopped the chunk up even more, but I was lazy. LOL. I got 36 hours of straight scent from this
Repurchase: Yes! If I could and JLCCW actually gets to open this year. I don't want to be pessimistic, but I keep thinking back to the last time Jen tried opening up again and she ended up pulling out of the project. I'm excited for the possibility that we could all get some lovely JLCCW again, but I won't get my hopes up like I did last time. I understand that life gets in the way and stuff happens, but dangit I really was looking forward to the opening that never happened!

In other news, I am completely sore right now. My shoulders are sore. My back is sore. My thighs are sore. My butt is sore. My outer abs are sore. I may have some lower belly flab, but I see muscle over the rest of my stomach. Woot! Such definition! It makes me happy!
Another area of my body that I'm working on (and why that area is so sore) is my arm area. I want definition! Tone! If you've ever seen Predators (2010), look at Isabelle's arms and that's what I'm aiming for.
M is almost off of his profile for his hips, and him and I will be able to start running together again. I'm intrigued as to what changes added cardio will make on my body.
For my food, I've taken to either having a protein shake or eggs (preferably eggs) every morning. That way I start off my day well fed and with a fair amount of sustenance. Besides that, I switch between healthy options (sandwich or soup or salad) and... well, not so healthy options (let's just eat popcorn all day, shall we?). Yeah. I'm working on it, though.

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  1. I remember that. I think it was last summer and she slated a fall/October opening. She made a group and page and all but then called it off around August I think. I understand waiting until the timing is right for family/personal reasons, I just hope she can open up this time. I have loved loved loved melting the JLCCW scents you and Lauren were so kind to share with me. This one would probably not work for me with the bubblegum note. It is so cute though!

    Congrats on seeing results in your abs. I bet they look amazing! Eggs or oatmeal always suit me for breakfast. It sounds like to are living a very workable lifestyle that can fit long term. Good for you!!! Here's to health and long joyful life!