Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Re-Melt Galore!

Random picture because everyone knows you don't read blog posts unless they have picture(s)!
I've been lacking in posts recently. No so much because I haven't been melting, but because it's been a whole truckload of re-melts. So here is a nice re-melt post; I'll link my original post in the name of the item and do a very quick blurb about performance/scent changes, if any!

The Bathing Garden - Vintage Christmas: No change. Still as pleasant and awesome as the first time I melted this. 2 cubes -approximately 1 oz, this was before I weighed stuff- filled most of the apartment and lasted for over 8 hours.
JMae's Soaps & Candles - Love Spell: This one died off quite quickly. I really just picked this because I didn't feel like taking a picture but I still wanted to melt something.
Front Porch - Strawberry Marshmallow Bread: Not much change. I melted one grubby, 1.2 oz, and it didn't throw far at all. Maybe the kitchen enjoyed this scent, but that was it. The scent didn't last as long, either. About 4 hours. There was more air flow and this layout is more open than the layout of the apartment I was in the last time I melted this... so there's that.
Cupcake Candles - Fluffy Pink Candy: Still as fantastic as the first two times I melted this. I was disappointed when I ran out LOL.
 Lil' Kitchen Candles - Circus: No change, unfortunately.
The Bathing Garden - Elf Sweat: No change from the amazingness that this was but now I'm out and I don't believe I have any other TBG tarts. *starts sobbing hysterically*
Glitterati Candle Co - Cotton Candy Waffle Cone: No change! Of course, not much time has passed between my first melt and this one, but still, no change!
Glitterati Candle Co - Cucumber Melon Candy Cane: I melted my last of the 3 little chunks I got from the massive chunk Julie sent me. I kept telling myself I was going to save this for a rainy day once I'd run out of Glitterati, but... um... self control is not a strong point for me, LOL! Now I'm out of Glitterati until my name comes up on the customs list, which will be a while. Oops.

I have 10-15 other melts that I know are re melts, but it appears that their original post was removed in my purge in January. I don't really care to rewrite those posts, nor did I take notes with the intention of a full review, so I'm going to leave them at that and not mess with it. Sorry, guys! 


  1. I like remelting scents to see if the thoughts on them had changed! That cucumber melon candy cane, WOW, sounds amazing!!

    1. It was so amazing! I was pleasantly surprised by it! It's on my list for when my name comes up on customs. That and a lot of other things, rofl!
      I especially like finding out if waiting 2 or 3 months (or 2 or 3 years......) affects the performance or if the tarts remain as awesome (or not as awesome) as the first time I melted them. That way I know what vendors I need to wait to cure on and what others give their prime performance from the getgo.