Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cleaning Out My Wax Stash

Yesterday I decided to go through my wax stash and organize everything. I'm still not done, but I figured out what I'm keeping and what I'm tossing. Excluding some JLCCW, JMae's, and my March CFTKR order, what you see on the floor is what I went through. The pile on the left is my keep pile, while everything on the right is being trashed. I considered going through the effort of doing an ass wax pay only shipping thing, but decided that these tarts weren't even worth that effort. Their quality was bad, they were old, or I just straight up did not like the scents. Or, as was the case with the contents of one box, there was a mysterious accident and there was a permanent liquid in every single bag/tart container. I think that box was in a warm place and all the wax partially melted.
It was easier than I thought it would be to do this. I think I've had this wax for so long that at this point I can no longer justify keeping it by thinking about the waste of money. At this point the money is irrelevant. The waste in buying it occurred back when I bought it. I'm not going to melt it. So.... toss it! I may keep a few things from the pile and keep it in a bag to give to my mother, but I'm still undecided.
As for everything else I have, I think I can condense everything to the purple and black photo boxes you can see in this picture. Before this my wax was spread out all over the place.

A rather sad thing I realized when I started melting appropriate scents for the season is my love of this season has become tainted. I smell pumpkin and cinnamon and I think about Diana's last few weeks with us. It's not bad enough to make me stop melting, but there are moments when I catch a whiff and feel like I should go out back and play with my now nonexistent dog. It's weird having a scent that has been ruined for me. I've always had scents that I cherished because of fond memories associated with it. Never have I had to deal with the negative side of smell and memory's link.

Have you ever thrown out this much wax at once? Do you have scents that are harder for you to stomach because of memories?


  1. Is easey to be a wax hoarder!

  2. I don't think I've thrown out that much at one time but have dumped significant amounts. I think it was last fall, going into winter that I cleared out a bunch. Yeah, I could have offered it up for grabs or shared it, but that can be such a hassle. I've come to hate packing and shipping boxes.

    It will get easier about Diana. It's tough losing a pet, and even tougher with what you went through.


  3. Thankfully, I haven't quite gotten to that stage yet. I am a melt-'em-all kind of girl. I agree with you about having no justification not to throw though. I will have to remember this when if I ever had to face the decision of throwing things out.

  4. What a cathartic experience. You have such wisdom Liz. I am sorry about the sad scent correlation of fall scents and your pup. I hope you are doing well.