Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Bathing Garden - Rainbow Apothecary

Scent Description: A perfect blend of fruity and floral, beginning with pear, green grapes, kiwi, raspberry and peach; followed by middle notes of jasmine and lily of the valley; and finishing with white musk.
Weight Melted: 0.9 oz.
Cold Sniff: 5/5 I was really craving something more Summer appropriate after my pumpkin awesomeness. I guess my nose wasn't ready to say goodbye to summer! This was exactly what I needed. Brought to mind Summer parties in the backyard, fruity drinks,  and showers (this smells exactly like an old shampoo my Mom used to get in the summer).
Warm Sniff: 5/5 What you got from the package is exactly what you got when melted. I like scents like that - no surprises. The thing that was awesome for me was the pumpkin from my previous melt was lingering in the air and mixed with this a little to create a perfect in-between scent. Not quite Summer, not quite Fall. The lingering scent really speaks volumes about SMT, though. :)
Scent Strength: 2/3
Scent Throw: 5/5
Melting Power: 5/5 >24 hours. I melted this for two days straight and it stayed strong the whole time. I'm so glad I have 4 more cubes of this to use!
Repurchase: Yes! This is over two years old and it still performs spectacularly! I'm impressed! The funny thing is, I've never ordered directly from TBG before. All of my stash is from destashes. So I guess this is one more thing to make me want to order from The Bathing Garden :)

Do you have any old wax that somehow performs spectacularly?

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