Thursday, November 19, 2015

Early Holidays Ho!

M got his orders and we are currently using his month of leave to visit family. After this we will be flying off to places unknown! Kidding. We know exactly where we're going, but I'm not allowed to give public specifics until after we arrive. For those of you reading from our OotO group, however, we got that location I'd last talked about in our group message :)
I brought most of my soapy supplies to my parents' since a majority of it could not be packed and moved, so this time has been spent being a soapy fiend. I've taken lots of pictures with the intention of posting eventually, but I'm concentrating more on family during this time. I promise I'll post all about any soapy adventures I have or will embark on, as well as some more wax reviews and hauls. It just might be a while :)
One of the benefits to our vacation being just before the holidays is our families have decided to do certain things a little earlier. Just last weekend we had a true Thanksgiving/Christmas meal with turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and... you get the point :) This also means we've decorated for Christmas in early November as opposed to the week of Thanksgiving. I feel like this makes up for last year never feeling like it got to Christmas for me. I was robbed of my holidays last year!
Anyways, just checking in to the few people who consistently read my blog. I've not been as good about keeping up with my reading of your blogs. Update me! How are things going in your necks of the woods??