Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blogmas Bonus! Essential Depot Mini-Haul

Ooooh, aaaah, marvel at these shiny bottles!
As I mentioned here, Essential Depot had a crazy Black Friday sale that lasted most of November where they were offering 75% off of their fragrance and essential oils. It was hard to get one really good order in as things went in and out of stock like crazy. After casually stalking the website for a few weeks, there was finally a day where I picked up my must have's and then some. If I'd known I would be staying in the States longer than expected I would have picked up a lot more, but I'm still happy with what I got.

Vanilla Fragrance Oil: A classic creamy vanilla scent.
I don't know how to expand upon ED's fragrance oil description. This is lighter than vanilla extract smells like but is more full in scent.
 Grape Fragrance Oil: Juicy grape.
I smell skunk. I patted some onto a tissue and it morphed from skunk to fresh paint. Some got on my finger and after a while I picked up something that might be grapelike in nature. I don't even want to try testing this in a batch for fear of how bad it will smell. I think I'll try getting in touch with ED and seeing if this fragrance oil is somehow rancid.
Pine Essential Oil: This reminds me of the pine cleaner scent that is so prevalent in military buildings.
I was hoping to use this to replicate a pine soap I had made in Georgia. I don't think that will be the case here, but it's still a pleasant scent. I got two of these.
French Vanilla Fragrance Oil: A sweet, creamy vanilla fragrance. Buttery top notes with nuances of coconut. Sweet burnt coconut at the heart. Base notes of vanilla and powder.
This is definitely sweeter than the regular vanilla, but not overly so. I imagine this would be a very good bakery mixing scent.

Lavender Essential Oil: Your typical Lavender essential oil.
I picked this up for my Mom, who loves lavender scented anything. I have a sweeter lavender fragrance oil and another essential oil that is good enough for my soapmaking. If I really need to I'll dip into these for soapmaking but I don't think I'll have to. I bought two of these.

For those of you who like fragrance or essential oil at a decent price, Essential Depot is still having a 50% off fragrance & essential oil special while supplies last. You can go here for their store home page and here for their Facebook page.

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  1. Nice! You're kinda making me miss my soap days. And when I see how much the selection of oils has grown in simple places like Walmart......!!!!!!......I'm thinking making soap would be a breeze these days. When I was making it, my formula was 'grocery store soap' because it used oils I didn't need to order online. At that time, Walmart carried ONE brand and size of coconut oil, and it wasn't always in stock. Now there are endless brands and types and sizes. Along with sunflower oil, sweet almond, and a bunch of others that weren't there back then.