Friday, December 11, 2015

Blogmas - December 10: The Return of the Science Room!

I didn't sleep very long last night. I stayed up until almost midnight messaging M and woke up before five. When I woke up I spent that time messaging M again. When he went to bed I tried to go back to sleep, too, but my mind was racing too much with thoughts about what I wanted to do with my day.

I stepped into my little area of the garage that I've taken over for the first time in over a week. All of my talking with Deb about soap making got me eagerly wanting to make a hot process soap. I took lots of pictures but I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with how the soap turned out. I'm most likely going to have another go in the morning after I've cut up my loaf and had a play with it.
After the soap was done I went with my dad to drop off the faulty treadmill parts at the UPS store. On our way back we grabbed lunch from a local restaurant. Some time while we were eating there was a really bad accident involving at least 4 vehicles along the road the restaurant we were on (and in the direction of the house) so it took a fair amount of time to get home. Along the way we ended up behind my sister who had just gotten out of work. There was a funny phone conversation where we freaked her out by asking very specific questions about where she was and what she was doing.
By the time we finally got home I was feeling the effects of a full tummy and laid down to try and nap. Dad decided that he wanted to go to a specialty shoe store to buy himself some walking/running shoes so I decided to forego the nap and tag along. I didn't care too much for the shoe store (we weren't there for me, after all :P) but we did stop in to a nearby Bath and Body Works armed with a $10 off $30/$20 off $50 card. We picked up 12 foaming hand soaps. That put the total at $48. I was originally going to pick up something small to put us at the $50 mark, but I didn't see any small ticket items that I wanted. So, I tried picking up just one fine fragrance mist in Wild Madagascar Vanilla. When we got to the counter the cashier asked if we wanted to buy one more body care item and get another free. I said no, but Dad said we should pick some stuff up for my mom and sister so I went and grabbed two other scents, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Endless Weekend. I figured between the two of them they could figure out what they liked and I would take the one left over. I like all 3 that I picked (go figure) so it's a win-win scenario for me.
We went home, I tried to nap yet again, but this time Dad told me he wanted to play some Diablo 3 with my brother and I so I hopped on and we played for several hours.
So now I'm here yawning as I type trying to get this post put together before I turn in for the night. Turn in meaning spend time possibly messaging M and watching more hoards of soap making videos. I find it funny that I'm always more productive when I'm sleep deprived. At least up to a certain point. There's this very fine window for me between well rested but lazy (comparatively) and groggy but energetic. Cross it a little too far on the sleep deprived side and I'm just grumpy. Too much sleep and it's a never ending cycle where I keep wanting more sleep. I live a very rough life, I tell ya.

I'll leave my rounds of blog commenting for when I'm a bit more coherent in my thoughts. I will say that I've very much enjoyed having consistent interaction in the comments. It makes me feel a lot more connected to the blog(s) I'm reading and the posts I write.

How do you behave when sleep deprived?


  1. If I'm tired from boredom I get really crabby. When I wake up from anything but super short power naps, I'm crabby. You might think I'm crabby all the time. LOL

    I'm enjoying this Blogmas interaction too. It's what I'd love to have all the time on my blog, and others I read, but when it slips into silence it gets hard to keep going because it seems like talking to a wall. Do you think you'll keep blogging frequently after Blogmas?


    1. Most definitely! I can't guarantee that I'll be doing it every single day but I've found this to be too much fun to do just for Blogmas! I never blogged so much before because of a combination of that empty room feeling alongside my own thoughts. I really overthink everything I type. I find that if I don't let myself reread whatever I'm trying to type out it makes the whole process a lot more fun.
      It might be hard for me to find something to post about once I slip back into a regular routine but I'll make myself find a way to make it work :)

    2. Are you kidding?? You'll have endless tales of exploring life in a new country! I'm looking forward to pics and everyday little tidbits.


    3. True. Since we just got word that there is no on post housing available we will most definitely be living in the thick of this new culture. I'm sure I'll be able to find something to post about :)

    4. I don't know if I could live somewhere so different because I'm a very picky eater. LOL! Even when we were in Germany I had to keep looking for familiar things on menus and in stores.


    5. Without Michael's insistence I would never have started trying new things. I still gravitate heavily towards foods that I'm familiar with and know I like. It's mostly born of my frugality. If I'm spending my money on it I at least want to know I'll like it!