Monday, December 14, 2015

Blogmas - December 13: Soapy Soapy!!

Black Raspberry Vanilla & Pink Sugar. Yum!
Hoo boy has today been a jam-packed day. I really want to write all of my thoughts and feelings here but it would take away from a post I have upcoming so I apologize if my hyped about day turns into a really short post!

I woke up before anyone else did, around 6:30, and made a pot of coffee. While that was making, I started melting my soaping oils and got out the frozen goats milk from yesterday. Then, I made some soap! I used Brambleberry's milk and honey fragrance and added some oats in for texture. I ended up making it a hot process batch with no colorants. I didn't take any pictures of the soapmaking process as there was no natural light to work with and the fluorescent garage lights don't give the best picturetaking light. While the soap was cooking in the crock pot I made my parents a cup of coffee, then made my myself a cup and caught up on some blog reading on my phone.
When the soap finished its cooking and I molded it up, I decided to tout my awesome smelling soap around and force my parents to smell it. Not that they minded. Dad said the soap looks like cookie dough. :)
My dad has this running thing with my soaps where he compares my creations in wet/molded form to food. The lavender soap was frosting. A shaving soap was pudding. The vanilla soap I made him was ice cream/pie. My previous hot process soap was apple sauce. Now... cookie dough. He hasn't seen the soap in the picture above yet so he hasn't compared it to food yet.
I put the soap away and spent some time at the computer working on some extra blog posts and wax reviews. I thought about putting together another post about a batch of soap but I didn't have pictures of said soap. It was far too rainy and windy today so I opted out of working on that post. After that, I did some calculations for another soap batch, weighed out some more goats milk, and put the goats milk in the freezer in a couple of ice trays.
I spent some time playing -you guessed it!- Diablo 3 with my brother and Dad. My brother, who is a Diablo DPS magician, worked some more magic on my character and my damage output is noticeably higher now. I still can't stray too far from either of them when we play at the difficulty levels they like to play at, but at least I can hold my own long enough for them to come save me. :)
My sister really wanted to go Christmas shopping so her, Mom and I went to Target, World Market, Kirkland's, and one other home deco type store that I can't remember the name of. I didn't pick anything up, but she did pick up some presents.
When we got back the goats milk was frozen so I started working on another batch of soap. This one ended up being cold process and can be seen at the top of this post. This batch I did take pictures for so expect a more in depth post about it in the future. I did not put this in the oven and let it go through gel stage as I was worried about how that would affect the goats milk. This soap will have to wait the full 4-6 weeks before anyone will be allowed to use it.
I cleaned up my soapmaking equipment afterwards, then laid down for an attempted nap. Instead I ended up watching soap videos and reading soapy blogs. I've got soap on the brain, guys. There's no cure except to make more soap! Tomorrow, though. It was too late at that point to make anything and I have not frozen any more goats milk soap. I'm waiting on my Brambleberry order which has a rescheduled delivery date of tomorrow!! YAY!!
At some point my siblings asked if I wanted to play some Halo, so we hopped on local multiplayer and played a few different maps/rounds of Slayer. At the end of the last round we ended up messing around with the vehicles, running them headfirst into eachother and seeing whose warthog/ghost would explode first. It was usually a tie, unless a fresh warthog went up against a fresh ghost.
After that I got ready for bed and sat down to type up this post. While that was happening, M got in touch with me and told me he wanted to video call so I could take a look at the properties he was looking at with the realty liasons. It was so cool being able to see what he was seeing in real time. Mom and Dad looked at a few of the properties as well, and Dad was impressed! That makes me happy; he's hard to impress in the housing department.
Overall I spent about two hours looking with him and chitchatting with him and the two lovely ladies who drove us around and answered any questions we had about the housing, culture, transportation... really anything. When I finally get over there we're all supposed to go to a local drink shop that's pretty popular. I'm so excited!
So right now M is working out some final details with the realtor and I'm absolutely exhausted. I'm going to finish this up and lay in bed and message him until I either fall asleep or he finishes up with housing. This last bit of the day really pumped me up but also drained the last of my energy. I was wanting to get up early again tomorrow but I'm not sure if that's going to happen now. :) Totally worth it!

Do you enjoy house hunting? I've always enjoyed looking at properties even before it was for myself; when my parents were looking to move a few years back I loved looking at all of the land and houses they were looking into buying.


  1. Going with your dad's food theme, I'd say those in the pic look like cake batter.

    How exciting, looking at housing! Hurry up and get over there! I can't wait to start seeing pictures of everything!

    Had a long, crabby day here so I'm heading to be early. Bleah.


    1. I can't wait for Friday when I can officially start calling the passport office and bugging them about when I will be getting my passport! I keep getting more and more hyped for when I get over there!

      I'm sorry your day was crabby :( Here's hoping to better days and less overcrowding of 'required' classes!