Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blogmas - December 15: Lazy Day

Oooooh, aaaah, haul picture!
I left my room a little before 8 AM. I tried sleeping in but I was just laying awake and thinking for about 45 minutes before I decided I should go ahead and start my day. I actually went downstairs just in time for Mom and Dad to tell me to get ready to go to my brother's school.

 Parents and family were invited to the JROTC's inspection thingymaboppit. This is a big deal for them so Dad and I each brought our fancy shmancy cameras and took pictures. It lasted a long time, 4 hours, and we didn't bring any jackets. The sun was coming out when we left the house, but by the time the inspection had started clouds had rolled in. When the inspection ended, right before lunchtime, it began to sprinkle. Perfect timing! Mom, Dad and I ate at a local restaurant that was along the way home.
We got home and I crashed for a nap. Two and a half hours later I emerged from my room disheveled and confused. What year was it?!
I helped Dad set up his new computer monitor holder. Since he had switched from 3 same sized screens to 1 large screen and 2 of his old screens he needed a two-screen holding system. It was heavy and screwing in the monitor to the holders were a pain since the monitors were also heavy. Then, after we'd put on the two monitors Dad figured out that the location of the holder on the desk wasn't going to work so we had to relocate that a few times and that was a whole ordeal full of sweat and tears and yelling and eventual laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation. At one point my brother had arrived home from school and we called him over to help and instead of helping we just added one more person into the confusion. At one point Dad's forearm cramped horribly from holding up the whole setup at an awkward angle and we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off, screaming "where's a banana?! HE NEEDS POTASSIUM!!"
That's my family! :)
 After that we played some more D3 (are you really surprised at this point?) and I took the time to take some pictures of my Brambleberry haul with the intention of making soap. That never happened, as it had gotten too hot for me to comfortably be in the garage to soap. Especially since I had planned to make a hot process batch.
I meant to come up to my room a lot earlier than I did, but the family had ended up all congregating in the kitchen at the same time and we spent a good hour or two chitchatting and being very silly. I also unmolded the rest of my Black Raspberry and Vanilla & Pink Sugar soap, and everyone took turns to oogle over how pretty the swirls were. Dad even said he really liked the scent, which surprised me. I thought it would be too sweet for him. I think it's awesome and sweet how into my soaps he has gotten. "When are you making me some more soap?" "I hope you know you have to make me enough soap to last while you're gone!" "What is this? I want more of it." At least I know my soaps will be well used and loved! :D

So now I'm going to finish up this post and at least begin my haul posts from Brambleberry and Dessa's. I'm not sure if I'll finish them but I really want to get at least one up by tomorrow afternoon. Let's see how that turns out!

Do you turn into huge balls of silliness when around your family?


  1. It used to be when my family got together we'd no doubt end up laughing our butts off and recalling crazy old times. Sadly, we've all grown distant and rarely ever get together anymore. For my immediate family, yeah we have our crazy moments, but those have diminished too since Ty moved out.

    Have you guys played Munchkin? Or Cards Against Humanity?


    1. As a family we've played Munchkin but not Cards Against Humanity. I love CAH though! With my sense of humor I really have to wait until I can play with some people who really, really know me as a person.
      My family has kind of distanced ourselves from the rest of the family in recent years as well. It just got hard when we moved down South and everyone was still up North. Now that my grandparents live between Louisiana and New Mexico, though, we have more opportunities to visit them. The only bad part is they have very different political and religious viewpoints from us and in recent years it has become a really, really big part of their lives. It kind of pushes us away to know that there will be all sorts of not-so-underhanded comments about our lives every time we visit.